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Flappy Coin Purse Tutorial

DIY Flappy Coin Purse Tutorial
 A small coin purse with a key ring for holding a few essentials on the go. How to sew

Lunch Bag Tutorial

DIY Lunch Bag Sew Tutorial
 With our easy-to-use instructions, you can quickly and conveniently remove the practical lunch bag.
Your colleagues will be amazed!

Square Pocket Bag Tutorial

Sew square pocket with zipper Bag. DIY Tutorial
 Enigmatic. Spacious and practical. And just mega beautiful!

Key Case Tutorial

Key Case Bag Tutorial
 As you can sew a handy key case - without much effort, but with great extras and cool corners!

Small Coin Purse Tutorial

Small Coin Purse Tutorial
This Style Small Coin Purse looks feminine and stylish in your hands, ideal for coins or jewellery. It's fully interfaced and slightly padded.

Triangle Pouch Tutorial

Make an easy patchwork triangle pouch with our sewing tutorial.
 These little triangle pouches are fun to make and are perfect as small coin purses, to hold make-up essentials, or a few sewing supplies. Made from four strips of fabric, they are quickly assembled and make great little gifts.

Ribbon Zippered Purse Tutorial

Ribbon Zippered Purse Tutorial
  Making a ribbon zippered purse is a great opportunity to use some of our pretty ribbons. It was fun co-ordinating a few different designs to add to the front of this zippered purse. 

Pretty Drawstring Pouch Tutorial

Pretty Drawstring Pouch Tutorial
  Little drawstring pouch to hold a few essentials or to use as gift packaging.

FoldOver Clutch Tutorial

DIY Step-By-Step Foldover Clutch Tutorial.
 DIY Step-By-Step Foldover Clutch Tutorial

Patchwork Pouch Tutorial

How to Sew a Zipper Patchwork  Pouch Tutorial
 Pouch tutorial on how to turn a Quilt As You Go (QAYG) slab of patchwork

Basic Boys Wallet Tutorial

Gift ideas! Boys Wallet Tutorial DIY
  It’s a pretty basic wallet, so mix up your fabrics, try something new, and get creative!

Organizer Bag Sewing Tutorial

Craft Organizer Bag  Sewing Tutorial. How-to step by step
 Craft Organizer Bag. How-to step by step

Boxy Zipper Pouch Sewing Tutorial

Boxy Lace Zipper Pouch Sewing Tutorial
 Boxy Lace Zipper Pouch Sewing DIY Tutorial

Easy Coin Purse Tutorial

How to make a little zip up purse - a really easy tutorial.
 This cute little padded purse has a useful little tab for clipping inside a larger bag or attaching to a keyring.

Magic pouch tutorial

Pouch with two separated zipper compartments. Tutorial & Pattern
 This is a pouch with two separated zipper compartments for phone, money, keys etc.

Zipped Case Tutorial

Zipped Sewing Travel Case Tutorial.
 Zipped Sewing Travel Case Tutorial.

Laundry Bag Tutorial

How to sew a laundry bag. Pattern & Tutorial
 How to sew a laundry bag. Pattern & Tutorial

Heart Pouch Tutorial

How to sew a heart pouch. Pattern & Tutorial
 How to sew a heart pouch. Pattern & Tutorial

Simple Zip Pouch Tutorial

How to make a zip pouch…Simple Zip Pouch Tutorial
 How to make a simple zip pouch…

Boxie Pouch Tutorial

Boxie Pouch Tutorial. Step-by-step sew instructions
 No Guts Boxie Pouch Tutorial. Step-by-step sew instructions. FINISHED MEASUREMENTS 7 in L x 5" W x 4" H

Mini Backpack Coin Purse Tutorial

Mini Backpack Coin Purse Pattern & Tutorial
  This Purse  fantastic present, perfect for Christmas stockings, a birthday. The dimensions are 3.5" X 3" X 2".

Remix Pouch Tutorial

step-by-step instructions on how to make pouch bag
 The Remix Pouch with or without the wristlet strap is a quick, fun, and easy project that can be made using just a few scraps of fabric. All you need are a few 6" x 6" squares to make a solid version, or mix things up by piecing a print with a solid cotton or even leather for the bottom.

How to Make Goofy Bags

Goofy Bags DIY Tutorial

Patchwork Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Patchwork Zipper Pouch Tutorial

 The zipper is not actually sewn into the side seam – the tab encases the ends of the zipper. Then the sides are sewn with the lining in place – there’s no stuffing the lining inside the pouch. Seam binding covers the raw edges for a neat finish.

Reversible Project Bag Tutorial

Reversible Drawstring  Gift Bag DIY Tutorial
 Reversible Drawstring  Gift Bag DIY Tutorial

Little Evening Bag Tutorial

 Little Evening Bag Tutorial. Free Pattern & Tutorial
 Deco Evening Bag Tutorial
It doesn’t need to be big. Just large enough for a phone,
and maybe a tube of lipstick. But. . . it should have a little style.

Big Tote Bag Tutorial

Basic quilted tote bag DIY Free Tutorial
 This basic quilted tote is big – maybe I’m the only one who’s always looking for a slightly bigger tote, but I think this is the perfect size for filling with gear for your next sew‐in or for hauling your quilts to show off at your next guild meeting. It  fits a 6  pack of paper towels with room on top for a box of cereal, if your life is that impossibly glamorous!

Square Tote Bag Free Tutorial

Shopping Tote bag Bag Free DIY Tutorial
 Essentially this bag is just a half yard of fabric folded in half.  You can also use two fat quarters sewn together. The fabric here is an upholstery weight cotton from ikea – but quilting weight is great too!

Rosy Wedge Bag Tutorial

Fully lined, wedge shaped bag with gusset bottom, Bag Tutorial DIY
 Fully lined, wedge shaped bag with gusseted bottom stands on its own and hold a lot of small cosmetics.      

Vintage Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Zipper Pouch from vintage glitter vinyl. DIY Tutorial.

Chose a fabric
Choose a fabric that meets the end needs of the finished product. This one is a vintage glitter vinyl.

Sleeve Phone Pouch Tutorial

Sleeve Phone Pouch Tutorial
This is a sleeve phone pouch with a snug fit, when you pull the strip the phone will come out, when you push the phone in, the strip goes down, like magic! Instructions to adapt to any phone size and also a snap
closure included.

Ring Gift Box Tutorial

A beautiful package for a gift is a very useful thing to have, so I will show and tell you how I made a gift box for a ring.
How to Create a Ring Gift Box

Money Zippered Apple Pouch

Lunch Money Zippered Apple Pouch Tutorial

Drawstring Bunny Bag Tutorial

Easter Bunny Bags tutorial
Bunny Bags!
Approx. 4″ wide by 7″ tall (incl. ears!)

Boxy Travel Pouch Tutorial

Boxy Travel Pouch Tutorial

How to sew a box zipper pouch | DIY zipper bag pouch | day box pouch | zipper bag pouch tutorial.

Homemade Building Blocks DIY Tutorial

Constructor of a Homemade Modeling Dough
Homemade blocks to make for kids. DIY Tutorial

Foamiran Flowers Tutorial

Creating a Delicate Rose of Foamiran

Delicate Rose of Foamiran. DIY Tutorial

DIY Plastic Bottle Flowers Tutorial

A Simple Recycling Idea: An Aster of Bottle Plastic. DIY Tutorial
A Simple Recycling Idea: An Aster of Bottle Plastic

Tutorial on a Gift Bag for Bottles

 How to make a wine bag.  I offer you my version of a cute and useful gift bag for bottles. This bag will fit standard 0.75 bottles, and large — 1 liter.
DIY Tutorial and Pattern a Bag for wine.

Clutch Bag of Felt

DIY Tutorial. Clutch Bag of Felt
An Easy Way to Make an Original Clutch

Cosmetic Bag of Felt Tutorial

Vanity-Case of Felt and Fabric Tutorial
Sewing a Pretty Spring Vanity-Case of Felt and Fabric Tutorial

Handmade Gift Box

Handmade Package for All Occasions
Handmade Gift Box Tutorial

Cute Gift Pouch with a Drawstring

Gift Pouch with a Drawstring Tutorial

Sewing a Gift Bag with a Starfish Decor

Handmade Gift Bag Tutorial DIY

How to Make a Vintage Easter Basket

DIY Vintage Gift Basket Tutorial
How to surprise my family? Let's make a neat basket from available materials.

How to Sew Gift Bags

How to Sew Sweet Easter Gift Bags. Tutorial DIY
How to Sew Sweet Easter Gift Bags

Paper Twine Basket Tutorial

Weaving a Provence Paper Twine  Basket. DIY Tutorial.
Weaving a Provence Basket. DIY Tutorial.

Making a Hexagon Brooch Tutorial

Making a Hexagon Brooch Tutorial without using sewing
Don't Know How to Sew? Then Iron! Making a Hexagon Brooch

Felt Pencil Case Tutorial

Colourful Felt Pencil Case With Your Own Hands
Felt Pencil Case Tutorial