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Tote Bag free Tutorial

Tote Bag Free Tutorial
 I put together a tutorial for the tote bag that I made for teacher’s gifts. It is really simple to make.


20” X 30” Duck Cloth or Canvas
19 ¾” X 29 ¾” Fabric for Lining
(2) 5” X 42” Fabric of Handles
(2) 5” X 42” Décor Bond for Handles
20” X 14” Fabric for Tote Bottom

Step One- Make the Handles

Fuse Décor Bond to Wrong side of Handle Fabric

Fold Handle in Half Lengthwise and Press


Open Handle and Fold Long Side Toward Center and Press

Repeat on Opposite Side

Fold Handle in Half Lengthwise Again and Press

Topstitch ¼” Along Each Long Side of the Handle

Repeat Instructions for Other Handle

 Step Two - Sew Handles to Outer Bag

Make Mark on Canvas 3” from Each Side of Center for Handle Placement

Make Mark 9 ½” Down from Top of Canvas
This is the Placement for the Handles  Pin Handles in Place

Starting at the Bottom, Sew Handles to the Canvas by Topstitching Over Previous Topstitching

Stop Stitching 1 ½” from Top of Outer Bag and Turn
Continue Stitching Across Top and Down Opposite Side of Handle Repeat for Remaining Handles
Step Three- Make Bag Bottom  

Turn Long Side of Bag Bottom Fabric up ½” and Press
Repeat for Opposite Side

Center Bottom Piece on Bottom of Canvas and Pin in Place
(Fabric Should be Covering Bottom Edge of Handles)

Edge-Stitch Fabric Bag Bottom to Canvas Outer Bag
 (I Embroider the Bag at this Stage of Assembly)
 Step Four – Assemble Outer Bag and Lining  

Sew ½” Seam Along Each Side of the Bag, Leaving Top Open
Repeat for Lining, Leaving Small Opening on One Side for Turning

Step Five – Make Boxed Corners 

Clip Open With-in Seam Allowance on Each End of Bag and Lining

Bring Bag Bottom and Bag Side Right Sides Together to Form the Boxed Corner Align Seam Allowance and Bottom Center of the Bag, Press

Measure Down Center Seam 3” from Point and Draw a Line

Sew Along the Line, Backstitching at Each End

Trim Fabric ¼” from Seam Line Repeat Previous Steps for Remaining Side and for Lining

Step Six – Assemble Outer Bag and Lining Together

Turn Outer Bag Right Side Out, Leave Lining Wrong Side Out

Insert Outer Bag into Lining, Be Sure to Tuck Handles In

Sew ½” Seam Around Top of Bag

Turn Bag Right Side Out Thru Opening in the Lining Press Bag

Topstitch ¼” Along Top Edge Slip Stitch Opening in Lining Closed

Ta-Da! Enjoy Your New Tote Bag! 
Tote Bag Free Tutorial


  1. Wow,simple and straight forward tutorial.

  2. I made this rather quickly and added a lined pocket to the front .very easy instructions . Thanks for sharing tutorial.not sure how to add a picture but it was super sweet and my sister will love for sure.

    1. Great idea! I was just planning a pocket in my head too!

  3. Love how easy the directions are! Thank you I know these will make great gifts if I can part with them.