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Market Bag Tutorial

Market Bag sewing Tutorial
 The Market Bag is designed as a market or grocery bag; with its extra-secure handles and large volume, it is the perfect bag to carry many heavy items in. In order to keep your keys, points card, and wallet separated and easy-to-find, you may add a zipper pocket to the inner side of the bag in which to carry these small items in.


 Cut out the Fabric
Draw the measurements directly onto the wrong side of a single layer of fabric. Cut out the exterior and lining. If you would like to add an interfacing, draw and cut out the interfacing. Fuse the interfacing on the wrong side of the lining front and back pieces following the manufacturer’s guide.

(2) 21” width x 12” height for Front and Back Upper Pieces
(2) 21” width x 9” height for Front and Back Bottom Pieces 

(2) 39”( 1m) Handles

(2) 21” width x 20” height for Lining Front and Back Pieces

(2) 21” width x 20” height for Front and Back Pieces

Apply the magnetic snap (Optional)

Mark the placement location of the magnetic snap 1 ½” down from the lining's top center. Attach the magnetic snap onto the right side of the front and back lining pieces following the manufacturer’s guide. Iron the interfacing onto the marked spot shown on the pattern. Center the snap onto the interfacing. Use a pencil to draw a line where the fabric will be cut. Cut the line. Insert the prongs of one of the magnetic snaps into the right side of the lining. Secure the thin prongs on the wrong side of the lining. Attach the other magnetic snap on the remaining lining.

Sew the Handles

Place the handles on the exterior front upper piece as indicated in Illustration 1 and see Picture 1. Pin along the sides of the handles. Sew the sides and top, 1 ½” from the top of the front piece, pivoting at the corners, see Picture 2. Backstitch across the start and end points several times for reinforcement. Repeat for the exterior back upper piece. 

Place the exterior front bottom piece on the upper piece with right sides together. The attached handle should be between the two pieces. Pin and sew along the bottom seam, backstitching on both ends, see Picture 3. Flip the exterior bottom piece down; press and topstitch 1/8” away from the seam, see Picture 4. Repeat for the exterior back. 
Fold a sewing label in half widthwise, and pin and baste it, away from the seam, onto the exterior front piece, see Picture 5.

Sew the Exterior and Lining

Place the exterior front and back pieces with right sides together. Pin and sew the exterior along the sides and bottom, backstitching on both ends, see Illustration 2. Sew the lining in the same manner, leaving a 5” gap for turning, see Illustration 3. 

Make the Corners 

Draw a 3” x 3” square on each bottom corner of the exterior fabric’s wrong side, see Illustration 4. Flip the fabric onto its side and pinch each bottom corner so that the corner seams form a triangle and the 3” marks form a straight line. Repeat this process for the lining.

Pin and sew following the line, see Picture 6. Trim the corner seams, see Picture 7.

Assemble the Exterior and Lining

Press the exterior and lining seam open. Turn the exterior right side out, and tuck it into the lining with right sides together, see Picture 8. Sew around the top opening of the bag, backstitching on both ends, see Picture 9. Trim the corner seams in a “V” shape, see Picture 10.

Turn the bag right side out through the opening and sew it closed, see Picture 11. Press and topstitch around the top opening of the bag, see Picture 12.

Market Bag Free Sewing Tutorial


  1. Great bag, easy to follow instructions, thank you. I’ve made one for myself and am now making one each for my sister and niece.

  2. Thank you so much I will try to make this bag, I love the pattern.

  3. Great pattern! I love that these bags are big! Made 2 today :)

  4. Will use this easy,simple pattern to teach my 8 yr old granddaughter to sew, maybe for a mothers day gift.

  5. Do these two items mean the same thing? ---OTHER
    (2) 39”( 1m) Handles, and --- 78" (2m) webbing. Thanks!