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Rosy Wedge Bag Tutorial

Fully lined, wedge shaped bag with gusset bottom, Bag Tutorial DIY
 Fully lined, wedge shaped bag with gusseted bottom stands on its own and hold a lot of small cosmetics.      
Fat quarter-- main exterior fabric choice (Basic Grey Hello Luscious Blissful Bubblegum)
Fat quarter--lining fabric (Kona Celery)
Fat quarter--fusible fleece
Scrap for zipper covers (Basic Grey Boutique Shopping Rosemary) 10” (23cm) or longer zipper (mustard) Wool flower (Basic Grey Blush in Bloom)
All seam allowances are ¼”    Approximate finished dimensions:  9” long x 4 ½” high x 4” deep

1. Cut your fabric:
Cut 2 from main exterior fabric—9 ½” wide x 7” high
Cut 2 from lining fabric—9 ½” wide x 7” high
Cut 2 from fusible fleece—9 ½” wide x 7” high
Cut one piece measuring 1 ¾” x 4” for zipper covers
 2. Fold under ¼” on the long ends of zipper cover piece.  Fold in half and press to crease.
 3. Cut zipper cover piece in half.
 Cut end of zipper to metal stop.  Wrap zipper cover around the zipper and stitch close to the edge of the zipper cover, avoiding the metal.
 Repeat on other end of the zipper, cutting the zipper as necessary, so that the total length of the zipper including the zipper covers is 9 ½”.

4. Adhere fusible fleece to the wrong side of both exterior fabric pieces following the
manufacturer’s directions. 
5. Lay one piece of the exterior fabric down, right side up.  Place the zipper with the
pull to the left, right side down.  Then place one piece of the lining fabric on top.  Moving the zipper pull when necessary, stitch a ¼” seam across the top. 
 6. Fold lining to the back, press and edge stitch.
 7. Lay other piece of the lining fabric flat.  Place the zipper right side up followed by the last piece of the exterior fabric.  Again stitch ¼” seam along the top. 
 8. Fold back the lining and edge stitch.  Now open the zipper at least ¾ of the way across.
 9. Rearrange your fabric so that the exterior pieces are right sides together and the lining pieces are right sides together.  Match up the center seam.  Pin around the perimeter and stitch.  Leave an opening in the bottom of the lining as marked.
 10.  To create gussets, pull bottom corners of pouch so that the seams line up.  Measuring from the tip of the point 1 ¾,” pin and cut.

 11.  Stitch ¼” from cut edge.  Repeat for other corner of the bag body and for the two   corners of the lining.
 12. Turn bag through opening in lining and handstitch opening closed.
 13. Attach a pin to the back of the wool flower and pin to bag in desired location.
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