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Lunch Bag Tutorial

DIY Lunch Bag Sew Tutorial
 With our easy-to-use instructions, you can quickly and conveniently remove the practical lunch bag.
Your colleagues will be amazed!

DIY Lunch Bag Sew Tutorial

 The following materials are required for our practical lunch bag.
For the outside

 1 circle of 16 cm diameter, reinforced with Vlieseline H640
 1 rectangle from 18 x 60 cm, reinforced with Vlieseline H640

 Extra tip: If you want to isolate your lunch bag, use the Thermolam instead of the fleece.

For the inside

     1 circle of 16 cm diameter
     1 rectangle of 18 x 60 cm

 For the closure
 For 6 loops:
6 each 10 x 4 cm large fabric strips, each folded twice along the middle, stitched on both sides

For the drawstring:
2 pieces each 1 meter long in dark blue

So you sew the outside of the bag
Lay the short edges of the non-woven reinforced rectangle on the right to the right.
Cut the edge and close it with a straight stitch.

 Now divide the lower opening into quarters.
This is very good with textile markers or pins.
Also divide the material circle for the floor in quarter.
Place the two pieces on the right side to the right so that the markings meet.
Raft the fabric a little bit (you can also use a contrasting thread, like me, to curl the fabric slightly).

 So you sew the bottom of the pocket
Now you stitch the bottom of the pocket with a straight stitch around. Be careful to sew slowly, so that you can keep the near draw uniformly.

 So you sew the lining
Repeat these work steps for the feed. However, make sure to leave a turning opening of approx. 6 - 8 cm in the side seam of the lining.

 This is how you sew the loops
Now divide the upper edge of the outer bag into quarters. I do it like in the photo:

 Now mark the 6 material breaks and sew on the markings the prepared loops right on the right. The open fabric edges of the loops should point towards the pocket opening.
 Turn now and put it on the right right into the outer bag.
The open edges should be flush with each other.
Now close the edge by tapping it with a straight stitch.

 Now just cut back the close-up.
Around the bottom of the pocket you do this by cutting the close-up end wedge-shaped to approx. 2 - 3 millimeters before the seam.

 Now you can turn the bag, shape it, and close the turning opening.
 Then, iron the bag and sew the upper edge with a straight stitch in the length 3.5.
 Now just thread and knot from each side a nice cord of about 1 meter length.
It's ready, the sweet lunch bag!

DIY Lunch Bag Sew Tutorial

 source: sewsimple.de


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