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Square Pocket Bag Tutorial

Sew square pocket with zipper Bag. DIY Tutorial
 Enigmatic. Spacious and practical. And just mega beautiful!
And because the square pocket with zipper is so easy, you can make the pattern even in any size.
Used always has a square base. Which determines the size of the bag.
And then you need two rectangles, which are just as long but half as wide as your square.
Here I gave you an example, so you know what I mean:

 For a base area of 20 x 20 centimeters, the bag is measured approximately 19 x 20 cm from corner to corner.
At height it reaches 7 cm.
You can also sew a sweet coin purse or a key pendant from the reduced basic cut. From an edge length of about 8 centimeters it is with the zipper however a bit fiddly, I think.

Square pocket with zipper sewing - fabric cut
Every cut is required

     1 x from outer fabric
     1 x from Innerlining
     1 x made of sturdy non-woven fabric
     If you prefer to use a thin insert, you iron on the outer and the lining, For example, Vlieseline H 250 or Vlieseline H 640.
     Just 2 meters of slant
     If you like a loop: 1 piece of woven band
     Also fixing spray, needles, needle and transparent nylon yarn, embroidery scissors
     22 cm zip closure

I begin to connect the outer fabric and the non-woven insert with a fixing spray.
Then I steal the outer fabric with any pattern on the fleece. Repeat for the two rectangles.

 Now place the lining with the left side on the fleece. Stitch everything well and cover the section with an oblique band.

 Next, sew the two rectangles with the lining side down on the right side of the zipper. I have used a longer straight stitch for this, and the beginning and end of the seam is well locked.

 Shorten the zipper and cover with slanting tape.
 On all long sides I now mark the center with a trickmaker.
Then I place the square cut on the left side on the zipper part.

 Here I begin to sew the bag together.
I use a nylon thread because it fits to all colors and is unobtrusive. Otherwise, I also like to sew with a sewing thread, which is a nuance darker than the respective fabric.

 Sewing is done with a magic seam.
When sewing, I take care that the corners and mids meet nicely.

 In this way, I'm once around the bag. The zipper ends disappear inside the bag.
Sew square pocket with zipper Bag. DIY Tutorial
 Great, right?

Alternatively, you can shorten the individual pocket parts. Also this version is quite fix!
Sew square pocket with zipper - with grooved pockets

In this version I reinforced the outer fabric with Vlieseline H 250 and the inner fabric - a natural cotton - with Vlieseline H 640.

I put outer fabric and lining right on the right and close together both with a straight stitch. On one of the long sides I read a turning opening of about 5 cm.

 I shorten the close-up at the corners and turn the pocket part. I sew all the seams with a wooden spoon and bend them.

 When all three pocket parts are prepared, I attach two loops with eyelets to the square section.
 Next, I will mark the middle of the cut pieces and close the parts as described above.
However, this time I have sewed the feed - and from the left. This is especially easy, because I can simply and simply move the bag through the zipper.

Source: sewsimple.de

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  1. Thanks. I'm planning to enlarge this pattern to make a pillow.