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Laundry Bag Tutorial

How to sew a laundry bag. Pattern & Tutorial
 How to sew a laundry bag. Pattern & Tutorial


1 14″ × 31 1/2″ piece of cotton fabric
5 different fabric scraps
1 7″x 7″ piece of bondaweb / vliesofix
35″ ribbon, 3/8 inch wide
8″ ribbon, 1/8 inch wide
Safety pin, pencil

 Print templates and cut them out. I recommend printing them on card stock for easy tracing.

Place the templates on the bondaweb/vliesofix and trace around it using a pencil. Cut out roughly.
 Iron bondaweb/vliesofix on the wrong side of the fabric scraps, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
 Cut out the clothes.
 Place your applique clothes sticky side down, on the front side of the fabric/drawstring bag, creating a consistant curve. Iron on firmly, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

 First sew the clothesline, using a straight seam, starting and stopping at the same point to create a double seam.

 Now edgestitch each piece with a straight seam, starting and stopping at a „clothespin“. Knot the threads on the wrong side of the fabric.
 Now the front should look like this:
 Make a bow from the small ribbon and hand sew it to the dress.

 For the drawstring bag fold your fabric right sides together, clothesline down. Sew the left edge with a 3/8″ seam allowance. Sew the right edge with a 3/8″ seam allowance leaving a 5/8″ drawstring opening 1 3/16″ from the top. Finish off the edges by using either a serger or zig zag stitch. The serging seam on the left edge ends just below the opening.

 Press opening seams open. Sew around the drawstring opening with a straight seam as shown below.

 Fold and iron a 3/8″ hem along the top of your bag. Fold it over another 3/4″ and iron flat. This will be the 3/4″ wide drawstring channel.

 Sew along the bottom edge of the hem with a fairly close stitch.
 Using the safety pin, thread the drawstring through the channel and knot the ends.

 And your laundry bag is finished!

How to sew a laundry bag. Pattern & Tutorial

source: www.ellisandhiggs.com


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