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Mini BackPack Coin Purse Tutorial

 Mini Back Pack Coin Purse And Key Chain DIY Tutorial

Simple Coin Purse. Free Tutorial and Pattern

 How To Sew A Zipper Coin Purse

Free Coin Purse Tutorial

How to make a little zip up purse - a really easy tutorial

Oil Cloth Coin Purse Tutorial

Here is an easy peasy sewing tutorial. If you have the right supplies, this project could take you only a 1/2 hour. So lets get started.

How To Make Baby Slippers - Easy DIY Tutorial

 How To Sew Soft Baby Slippers

Swag Bag – Free Tutorial

 This is a bag that is as roomy as it is simple to make. You could easily use it as an over-night bag or even a weekender.

How to Make a Vinyl Tote Bag

 Vinyl Tote Bag DIY Sewing Tutorial

Fabric Flower Basket Tutorial

 How to DIY Easy  Flower Basket. Step by step instructions.

Leather Zipper Clutch Bag. Sewing Tutorial

 Clutch bag, genuine leather, with flowers roses. How to sew.

Patchwork Pencil Case Tutorial

 The size of our pencil case is designed specifically to it freely included pencils and pens up to 18 cm.

How to Make a Denim Pocket Purse. DIY Tutorial

 Do you have an old pair of jeans that you can't bear to toss? You can turn them into a cute denim pocket purse and give them years of new life.