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Paper Twine Basket Tutorial

Weaving a Provence Paper Twine  Basket. DIY Tutorial.
Weaving a Provence Basket. DIY Tutorial.

I invite you to my tutorial on weaving simple baskets.
Materials and Tools
- paper twine
- thick cardboard
- Kraft paper
- can
- glue stick
- double sided tape
- scissors
- pins
- lace
- piece of fabric
- mesauring tape
- pencil
- stripes
Outline the bottom of the can and cut out two circles of the same size.
Wrap in Kraft paper from one side.
Stick double-sided tape from another.
Cut the twine into pieces of about 25cm. The higher the cart you want, the longer the pieces should be. Glue them at a distance of 2 cm from each other.
You should get such a sun.
Evenly glue the second circle and carefully pressed.
Begin to weave. Cut off a very long piece of twine — the main thread. I needed 20 m. Fold it in half and "hug" a ray from the circle.
Twist and catch the next ray with the main thread.
Thus make the first circle. When yoyou reach the first ray, hug it again and continue the same way.
Put the can on the blank.
Since the main thread is long, the can disturbes. It's enough to weave the first row and then insert the can every 2-3 rows for check-out.
Try to work with the same tension to make the surface smooth. And press the rows denser to each other so that there were no large gaps between them.
Once all the rows are made, tie the remaining ends of the rays into loops. First out:
Then, inside. Cut off. The tips can be coated with glue and hiden  between the rows on the inner side.
What you get.
Sew a fabric insert.
Cut out a piece of fabric equal to the circumference of the basket, remember the seam allowances. Fold the edges at 1 cm and pin the lace on the right side.
Stitch all.

Insert it in the basket and glue. All is ready!)
Weaving a Provence Paper Twine  Basket. DIY Tutorial.

Weaving a Provence Paper Twine  Basket. DIY Tutorial.
If you want to weave a square or rectangular basket , the weaving pattern will be the same.
The blanks can be also painted with a dry brush.
I wish you creative inspiration and success in work! See you next time :)
Weaving a Provence Paper Twine  Basket. DIY Tutorial.

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