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Little Evening Bag Tutorial

 Little Evening Bag Tutorial. Free Pattern & Tutorial
 Deco Evening Bag Tutorial
It doesn’t need to be big. Just large enough for a phone,
and maybe a tube of lipstick. But. . . it should have a little style.


3/8 yard Timeless Treasures fabric Revive CM4205 (Bag outside)
3/4 yard Timeless Treasures fabric Revive CM4204 (Lining / Handles)
3/8 yard non-woven interfacing
Dritz® Bell Buttons, #BB115
2 yards Dritz® Featherlite boning, #569
Thread to match fabric

Suggested Tools:
Dritz® Quilting 1/2” Bias Tape Maker, #3146
Dritz® Quilting 1” Bias Tape Maker, #3147
Dritz® Tracing Wheel, #746
Dritz® Wax-Free Tracing Paper, #634-66
Dritz Quilting Point Turner & Presser, #3150
Scissors, Ruler, Straight Pins
Iron and Ioning Surface
Sewing Machine

1. Make two copies of the pattern at 100%. Follow printed instructions for joining.
2. Press fabric and interfacing to remove all fold lines.
3. Use joined pattern to cut 1 outside and 1 lining. Use tracing wheel and tracing paper to transfer boning and handle guidelines to the right side of the outside fabric. Transfer dots to the wrong side of the lining fabric. 
 4. Cut pattern along edges of blue tint. Use this new pattern  to cut interfacing.
 5. Center interfacing on wrong side of lining. Pin well. Stitch together randomly and along edges, being careful not to pleat the fabric.  Press.
6. Pin outside fabric and lining, right sides together. Stitch around top edges stopping at dots on each side.
7. Trim seams to 1/8“. Clip corners diagonally. Carefully clip seam allowance to stitching at inverted corners.
8. Turn right side out using the point turner to gently push out corners. Press edges.
9. Cut 1 3/4” wide bias strips from lining fabric to make 1” binding. You will need about 72“ of binding. Follow bias tape maker instructions to prepare binding.
10. Cut 4 pieces of binding 6” long. Cut 4 pieces of boning 5 1/2” long. Trim boning ends so it is about 1/16“ shorter than distance between top and bottom edges,  cutting at an angle to match edge of bag.

11. Wrap binding around boning, tucking ends inside folds. Pin covered boning to bag between marked boning lines. Use the tip of a straight pin to tease any exposed seam allowance under the boning. Stitch around each piece from top to bottom.
12. Cut 2 pieces of boning 22” long for handles. Cut two pieces of binding about 23” long.  Wrap binding around each piece of boning as in Step 11.

13. Starting at the bottom, pin one covered boning handle to bag between marked handle lines. Being careful not to twist handle, pin remaining end of handle to opposite set of markings starting at bottom of bag. Stitch binding to bag. Continue to stitch along handle extension. Be sure to catch folded edges on both sides of handle.

14. Repeat Step 13 for remaining handle.
15. Fold bag in half right sides together, lining up top and side edges.  Stitch side seams between dots. Trim seam allowance to 1/4”.

16. Cut a 7/8” bias strip about 30” long. Use the 1/2” bias binding maker to create binding.

17. Cut 2, 6“ binding strips.  Stitch one strip to each side seam to bind. Fold binding over seam, tucking under ends. Topstitch to finish. Press.

18. Turn bag right side out. Press bag along edge of interfacing so sides fold to inside. Then pull them outward. This gives the bag some dimension!
19. Stitch button to button mark on one side. Stitch so button has a thread shank (plenty of slack) with added stitches for strength.

Button Loop:
20. Fold remaining 1/2” binding to1/4” wide. Topstitch. Cut 8“ of binding. Fold in half, lining up short ends.  Stitch across folded binding 1 1/2” from fold to form button loop. Stitch again close to cut ends.

21. Center binding on back of bag at button mark. Tuck under ends and machine stitch to secure. Fold loop over top of bag and hook to button to close.

 Little Evening Bag Tutorial. Free Pattern & Tutorial

 Little Evening Bag Tutorial. Free Pattern & Tutorial
 Side Knots:
22. Cut two pieces of binding 4 1/2” long. Fold each in half, knotting at center.  Place one at each side of bag, about 1/2” down from top edge with knot in front. Pin. Stitch in place. Fold ends toward back. Tuck ends under. Stitch.

 Little Evening Bag Tutorial. Free Pattern & Tutorial
 Author: makesomething.dritz.com


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