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Ring Gift Box Tutorial

A beautiful package for a gift is a very useful thing to have, so I will show and tell you how I made a gift box for a ring.
How to Create a Ring Gift Box

I have prepared a template to print on A4

 You need:
1. Bookbinding cardboard 2 mm thick, 1/4 of A4 sheet is enough.
2. A printed pattern — on ordinary or adhesive paper.
3. Ordinary stick glue, PVA or Moment Crystal.
4. Metal ruler, construction / stationery / art knife, scissors.
5. Decorative notions — 2-3 brads, corners, satin ribbon.
 Cut out the parts of box and glue them on the cardboard.
 Cut out all parts with the knife and ruler. Details can be divided into three groups: for manufacture of the box, cover and lid.
 Take the box pieces and carefully stick them.
 The box should be smooth and neat.
 Take a printout and cut out the remaining details.
 Apply them:
 Consistently glue the details to all sides:

 Now glue the parts to the inside:

 The lid:
 Now the cover:
 Bend the edges to the inside:
 Now put these all together:
 Before the final assembly, glue the ribbon on the cover.
How to Create a Ring Gift Box
 Glue a tag, fasten all with brads in several places.
How to Create a Ring Gift Box
 Now glue the box and lid into the cover.
How to Create a Ring Gift Box
 The last step — take the last detail, which would hold the ring and fold as shown in the photo.
 Insert it inside the box.
How to Create a Ring Gift Box

Optionally, you can add metal corners. Done! You can pack a gift :)
How to Create a Ring Gift Box

How to Create a Ring Gift Box
 author: TULIP


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