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Handmade Gift Box

Handmade Package for All Occasions
Handmade Gift Box Tutorial

I have long wanted to publish a tutorial on making packages :) Hope, the DIY is simple and easy.
So, you need:
  • designer paper (different options, paper for scrapbooking, Kraft paper, etc.)
  • glue (I use Moment Crystal. Do not use PVA - it makes paper soggy)
  • any decorative elements (rep ribbons, pearl half beads)
  • puncher (use it depending on the planned design)
  • scissors (if necessary)
 I used designer paper A4 format. I like yellow :)
 The work requires much accuracy. Fold the bottom edge at 3 cm, it is the bottom of the package. Just mark it.
 Now make a perpendicular fold, fold the sheet in half. Leave 1cm gap, so you could glue the blank later.
 The remaining gap is folded inwards:
 Then apply glue on the gap and glue the blank. You should get that sort of thing:
 Next — identify the width of the package and make the bends. Get something that is similar to a package :)

 Now combine the side walls inwards. It is important to do this evenly so that the package does not twist :)

 Do the same thing from the other side

 Move to the bottom. Bend the corners along the marked line:
 And the hardest part :) Fold the bottom along the lines. Tried to make the most detailed photos

 Get the following:

 That's what comes out:
 Now to glue the bottom carefully, and fold the bag like this:

 It remains only to glues the bottom, and the package is ready :)

 Open it and see what you've made :)

 And then all depends on your flight of fancy. Here is my version, the easiest :)
Handmade Gift Box Tutorial

Handmade Gift Box Tutorial
 Or here is a selection of packages of scrapbook paper :) In my opinion, they look very nice:
Handmade Gift Box Tutorial

Handmade Gift Box Tutorial

Handmade Gift Box Tutorial

Handmade Gift Box Tutorial


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