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Bag out of the Sleeves of the Shirt

Bag out of the Sleeves of the Shirt
How to sew a bag out of the sleeves of the shirt. The size of the bag 23 x 25 cm.

 1) For we need.
- Sleeve of a shirt (right and wrong sides must be identical)
- Material for lining
- Vlieseline
- Hard woven interfacing
- cobweb adhesive
- fleece
- Zipper
- Pieces of the belt tape
- Two half rings
- Handle bags (clutch)

- Two hands with sewing skills
- Scissors / knife for patchwork
- Sewing machine / needle

 2) Cutting is necessary to make so that you get 2 Details, most resembling a rectangle.
 3) From of the details you need cut off all the buttons.
 4) And sew them in the same locations on the reverse side.
 5) As a result, there should be 2 right sleeve.
 6) buttoning his sleeves with each other to get the whole canvas
 7) Make a small incision under the buckle and bend it inside.
 8) along the sewn seams to get the whole canvas.
 9) Do the same manipulations with the second side.
 10) to turn out inside out and align the lower section (I have slightly rounded corners)
 11) are stitched bottom
 12) Lay off the bag to get the item to the side.
 Measure the dimensions of the front of the bag

13) 14) in the most confined spaces

 Cut out Details and lining pockets
15) The dimensions of parts:
- 25 x 27 cm x 2 pieces (diamond)
- 17 x 27 cm x 2 pieces (diamonds + shirt)
- 8 x 27 cm x 4 pieces (diamonds + shirt)

 16) sizing the basic details (25 x 27 cm) rigid woven interfacing (my Korean fabric 135 g / m)
 17) Details pockets sizing Vlieseline (I use 42 g / m).

Sewing pocket.
Similarly pocket in this bag (repeat in detail here will not) sew pairs Details pocket to get in the end 3 of a rectangle: a wide and two narrow.

 18) On the broad detail of the pocket impose a narrow detail, we try on depth with the cards.
 19) to stitch the bottom edge of the narrow detail.
 20) Repeat this procedure for the second narrow detail and apart from the seam at the lower end do vertical seams on the card size. As a result, you should get 4 sections for cards.
 21) imposes one of the zipper to the front of the lining
 22) It is convenient to use a special paw for sewing zippers
 23) The same is done for the second part of the lining
 24) sewn around the perimeter of the pocket to the one part of the lining
 25) Once again we compare the basic internal Details and the bag if necessary - align to the desired size.
 26) A cobweb glue to detail fleece lining on both sides. If you want to get a volumetric bag that at this stage it is possible to stitch the corners to form a bottom. If this is the clutch, it is possible to leave it.
 27) half-rings sewn on the belt band to the top of the bag (on the sides).
 28) Insert the lining inside, align the Details that Zipper was flush with the cuff and sleeves are sewn.
 29) If the color of the top of the pad and color are very different, it is best to use two colors of thread for this seam. My upper thread - white, lower - turquoise (in the lightning color and lining).
 30) Cropped zipper to length
 31) make out the tip of the zipper.
 32) To make it easier to iron the finished lining can be turned.
Bag out of the Sleeves of the Shirt
Bag out of the Sleeves of the Shirt

Bag out of the Sleeves of the Shirt