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Mini Backpack Coin Purse Tutorial

Mini Backpack Coin Purse Pattern & Tutorial
  This Purse  fantastic present, perfect for Christmas stockings, a birthday. The dimensions are 3.5" X 3" X 2".


    5″ nylon or metal zipper
    6″ X 18″ rectangle of vinyl or leather up to 1.5mm (no thicker)
    thread to match
    Lobster Claw with Keyring

Step One:  Sew the gusset to the zipper

Place the zipper right side up.  Align the gussets to the zipper tape print side down.  Sew at 1/4′.  Turn and topstitch.  
 Repeat on the other side.
 Topstitch along the zipper.  An optional step here is to attach a loop (see step below) at the end of the zipper to be able to attach a decoration, a strap or a keyring.
 Step Two: Add the sides

Place the straight part of the side piece to the zipper.
 Take the small rectangle 1″ X 2″.  Fold the rectangle every 1/4″ and sew in the middle.  Sew the strip one inch apart in the middle of the gusset.   
 Step Three: Add the back/front

Place the front/back piece vertically and the gusset horizontally.  Open the zipper, this is important to be able to turn the backpack the right side out.

 Pin the gusset to the right and then the left until all the sides are closed and sew at 3/8″.
 Turn the mini backpack and you are done.  Well almost…

Mini Backpack Coin Purse Pattern & Tutorial

There are five pieces to this backpack. Two gussets, two sides, and one piece for the front and back.

Tutorial & Pattern Download: so-sew-easy.com


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