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Boxie Pouch Tutorial

Boxie Pouch Tutorial. Step-by-step sew instructions
 No Guts Boxie Pouch Tutorial. Step-by-step sew instructions. FINISHED MEASUREMENTS 7 in L x 5" W x 4" H

Supplies Needed: 
-Exterior Fabric: 2 pcs 10inx 12in
-Lining Fabric: 2pcs 10inx12in; 2pcs 2inx3in (for end tabs)
-Lightweight fusible interfacing:  2pcs 10inx12in; 2pcs 2inx3in (for tabs)
-14in. Zipper
- ¾ in lobster clasp (or other clasp)

 Prep exterior and lining pieces:
Apply interfacing to exterior fabric pieces and tab pieces.  Fold exterior and interior fabrics in half with long sides together and press, creating a crease.  (This will help with lining things up later on.)

 Next, press interfacing to wrong side of end tab fabric.  (These will help when opening and closing the pouch by giving you something to hold onto while pulling the zipper!)
Fold tabs in half by bringing both short sides together, press.  Next, fold each half into the center, as shown in the picture, press and pin.
 Using a 1/8 in seam allowance, stitch your tabs on each long side.  Next, fold one tab in half and stitch raw ends together.
 Place the second tab through the loop on your clasp and stitch the raw edges together.  
 Your tabs will look like this when finished.  Set aside.
 Now we are going to get our pouch together.  Place your zipper, right side up, on the long side of a lining piece, which should also be right side up, as shown.  Your zipper should run slightly longer than the 12in width of fabric.
 Place an exterior piece on top of the lining fabric, right sides together, so that the zipper is sandwiched in between. (Shown) 
  Using a zipper foot, or a straight presser foot, stitch the pieces together, using the zipper as a guide, with a ¼ in seam allowance.
Once stitched, turn the fabrics Right side out and press.  Using the zipper as your guide, top stitch along folded edge as shown in the picture.
 Repeat with the other side.
 Next, we are going to attach our tabs.  With the zipper closed (but within the fabric pieces as shown) place the tab with the attached clasp at the end with the zipper pull.  This will ensure that once your Boxie is full, and hooked to your tote or under your vanity, that nothing will fall out should you leave the zipper open slightly. 
Stitch the tab to the zipper with a 1/8 in seam allowance.  Repeat at other end with the second tab.
 Separate exterior pieces from the lining pieces by bringing each fabric right sides together.  Pin and stitch using a ¼ in seam allowance.  Important: Be sure to leave a 3-4in opening in the middle of your lining for turning the pouch later.
  Press the seams open on both the exterior and lining pieces.
 Line up your exterior seam with the lining seams, using the zipper as a guide, and pin in place.
 Now is a good time to ensure your zipper is open, this will save any trouble once the bag is assembled… because it’s not a lot of fun to try to open a zipper from the wrong size while you’re trying to turn your finished bag! *Wink*
 Once your seams are aligned and pinned, press your bag flat.  Your creases should line up with the ones we made during the prep process.  If not, no biggie, just be sure to get everything really pressed and creased in this step.
  Next, using a ¼ in seam allowance, stitch through ALL layers across the width of the zipper, being sure not to go beyond the zipper.  Double check that you stitched through the tabs as well.
 Using the same ¼ in seam allowance from here out, stitch each side of the lining and exterior fabrics, from the zipper to the crease, as shown in the photo.  You will be stitching eight separate pieces.  Remember to back stitch to secure your stitches.
 At each corner you will pinch the seams we just stitched to the crease we set earlier, as shown.  Be sure to finger press the seams open, and use a ruler or cutting mat to line up your crease and seam.  This will ensure that the sides that make our pouch a Boxie are all even. (Shown in two photos)

 Using a clear ruler as a guide, mark two inches from the point we just made and draw a line perpendicular to the seam.  Pin and stitch.  Repeat this process with all eight corners.
 Your corners should look like this once you are done marking, pinning and stitching
 Now, trim off the tip of each corner, leaving a ¼ in seam allowance.  Also, be sure to trim the ends of the zipper to within ½- ¼ in, as well as any long threads.  We want the insides of our pouch to be tidy, too.
 Using the gap we left in the lining, turn your pouch right side out by pulling the exterior through the opening.  Once all of your Boxie’s corners are pushed out, and things look tidy, pin and stitch the gap in the lining closed.  You now have a (No Guts) Boxie Pouch!
 See how pretty the inside of our Boxie is without exposed seams?  It also has a nice long zipper, pull tabs and a clip.  You can fold it flat and roll it for storing or gifting!  Enjoy!

Boxie Pouch Tutorial. Step-by-step sew instructions

 Author:  SoChick! Handbags & Embroidery & Melissa Strong

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