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Sunglasses Case Tutorial and Pattern

 How to Sew a Sunglasses Case. Free DIY Tutorial and Pattern

 I am pretty hopeless at looking after my sunglasses. I always lose them or drop them or they just end up covered in scratches. In an attempt to take better care of my sunglasses I decided to make a case to prevent them from getting scratched in my handbag. This was a fun and quick project and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

This case measures approximately 18 cm (7″) long, 7 cm (3″) high and about 2.5 cm (1″) wide at the top. If your sunglasses are particularly large, you might consider making the case bigger. You can trace out the template on paper and stick it together with sticky tape to test the size before cutting it out in your nice materials.

 A print out of my Sunglasses Case Template (click on the link to open the free PDF file)

To make the case you will need:

    Piece of leather or vinyl measuring approximately 24 cm (9.5″) by 24 cm (9.5″)
    Piece of fabric measuring approximately 26 cm (10.5″) by 26 cm (10.5″)
    Snap Fastener
    Coloured embroidery thread
    Hammer (to insert snap fastener)
    Felt tip pen
    Small bulldog clips
    Leather needle for your sewing machine
    Sticky tape
    Pins and other usual sewing supplies

Cut out the template and stick it together along the dotted lines, as indicated on the pattern. Lay main pattern on the back of your piece of leather. Weigh it down with a can or some other heavy item to hold it in place while you trace around it with a felt tip pen. Don’t pin the pattern to the leather because the pin marks will be permanent.
Cut out the piece of leather and use an awl to mark the placement of the stud. Pin the lining pattern to your fabric making sure the arrow on the pattern is parallel to the grain-line of the fabric and carefully cut it out.

Using a large stitch on your sewing machine, sew all the way around the edge of the lining piece, 1 cm (3/8”) from the edge. This creates a guideline to make it easier to fold over the seam allowance. don’t back-tack as the stitching will be removed later.
Carefully fold over the seam allowance of the lining, using the stitching line as a guide. Clip into the seam allowance around the curves to help it sit neatly and iron it flat. Be very careful to not burn your fingers while doing this – it can help to turn the steam function off.

Place the piece of leather and the lining together with wrong sides facing together and use little bulldog clips to hold the layers together. Sew all the way around the edge, just a few millimeters (1/8”) from the edge. Use a leather needle on your sewing machine as a finer needle might snap.

Insert the snap fastener according to the instructions on its packet referring to the template for the placement of the fastener. Using a felt tip pen mark increments 5 mm apart along the sides (but not the flap) as shown on the template. You should have the same number of dots on either side of the base line (shown in image by dotted line).

Thread a tapestry or other strong needle with embroidery thread. Fold up base and using an awl, make holes at each of the points you marked and then sew the two layers together with the embroidery thread, as shown. Using an awl to pierce the leather makes the sewing process easier than just using a needle. You may also find it helps to use a pair of pliers to carefully pull the needle through the leather and fabric.

Tie off the thread on the inside at the top and then sew up the other side.

Your new glasses case is finished! Yay!


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