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Wired Ribbon Flower Tutorial

How to make a ribbon rose with wired ribbon
I had some irridescent orange that was screaming to be used. Blue and Orange are complimentary colors, you see. Thank you, color theory 101. You will need wired ribbon, needle and thread, felt, and a hot glue gun.

Pull all your ribbon off the spool. The flower at the top of the post was made with only half the spool, so go ahead and cut your ribbon length in half!

Find one of the wires, and give it a little tug to pull it away from the ribbon. Loop it, bend it, squish it into an unrecognizable thing, but make sure it won’t be able to slide back into the ribbon as you are gathering it.

Take the other end of the wire and pull on it. The ribbon is super easy to gather and ruffle on the wire! Gather the ribbon as tight as possible for a really poofy flower. When you are done gathering, cut the wire and loop and bend it again so all your “hard work” doesn’t come undone.

Start rolling your ribbon! I take the end and pull it down between my fingers, then start winding. That way, no raw edge makes its way to a visible part of your flower.

As you roll, make little stitches with your needle and thread to hold it all together.

When you are done, it will look like this. The end of the ribbon piece is tucked into the bottom and stitched down too so it won’t peep out.

Cut two pieces of felt. One big enough to cover all your stitching, and another one that will be a pocket of sorts for a headband or hair clip.

Glue the small piece (on the long ends only) to the big piece, then the whole thing to the flower. Slip on a headband or clip!

With Headband:


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