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Fun Hobo Bag Tutorial

 Great for children, teenagers, or adults. Make a small bag or a large one. All pattern pieces are true to size.

 Pattern includes detailed step-by step instructions on how to make an optional  interior patch pocket and interior zippered pocket

• Finished Dimensions Small Danaye Bag: approximately 9 ½ x 14 inches
• Finished Dimensions Large Danaye Bag: approximately 11 x 18 inches

The Danaye Hobo Bag is a fun handbag with lots of personality,
and fringe benefits...!

Materials List

Fabric A (exterior)    ½ yard 
Fabric B  (accent and interior) ½ yard  
Interfacing   ½ yard
Magnetic Snap
Decorative Button
Fringe Trim   1yard (for small bag) or 40 inches (for large bag)
9 inch zipper (opt.)
7 inch ribbon (opt.)

Cutting Instructions

Cut out the paper pattern pieces and glue together

Front and Back Panel:  
cut 2 Fabric A    
cut 2 Fabric B

cut 2 Fabric B    
cut 2

Interfacing Interior Patch Pocket   
cut 1 (11 x 11 inches)  Fabric B

Interior Zippered Pocket 
cut 1 (10 x 12 inches)  Fabric B

cut 1 ( 2 ½ x 39 inches) Fabric A   
cut 1 ( 2 ½ x 39 inches) Fabric B   
cut 2 ( 1 ½ x 39 inches) Interfacing 

Attach interfacing to appropriate fabric pieces.  If you choose a light-weight fabric, also apply interfacing to exterior front and back panels.

All seams are ½ inch unless otherwise noted


Place both handle pieces together, right sides together, pin and stitch along one long side.  Fold open, press.  Press each edge in at ½ inch. Fold handle wrong sides together, press.  

Topstitch along both long sides, close to the edge.


On bottom flap piece, draw a dot in middle:  1 ½ inch from bottom.  
Place magnetic snap guard on top, trace two lines on either side as indicated by the guard piece. 

Using a seam ripper, carefully cut those two lines. (Opt. apply a drop of Dritz FrayCheck ™ to the slits.) 
From right side of fabric, insert magnetic snap prongs through the two slits.  Place guard over top.  Bend prongs out.  (Be careful to not scratch the visible side of the magnetic snap.) 

Place fabric flap pieces right sides together.  Stitch along sides and bottom at about ¼ inch seam. 

Trim seams.  
Carefully cut itsy-bitsy clips along the rounded corners.   

Turn right side out.  Press.  Pin 2 ½ inches from mid-top on back panel.  Stitch using ¼ inch seam. 

Fold flap up.  Topstitch at 3/8 inch.   

Front Panel 

On front panel attach other side of magnetic snap using the same directions, 2 ½ inches down from mid-top for small bag (4 ¼ inch down from mid-top for large bag).  Please note that you should attach a 1 ½ x 1 ½  inch piece of interfacing to the back, if your front panel piece is not lined with interfacing.   Apply Fray Check™ if so desired

Pin fringe trim along the edges of the front panel, starting and stopping at the notches.  Baste on. 

Pin front panel to back panel, right sides together, sew.  
Interior Patch Pocket  

Fold 11 x 11 inch patch pocket piece in half, right sides together.   Sew around edges, leaving a 4 inch opening for turning.  Trim corners.  Turn.  Press. 

Pin onto interior front panel, 3 inches from mid-top.  Stitch along side and bottom, close to the edge.  

Make pocket dividers:  first divider at 2 inches, the second at another 3 inches. 

Interior Zip Pocket (Opt.) 

I know that adding zippers can seem like a frightening job, so if it scares you, just skip it…!!!  But I
promise I made the directions very easy to understand....  Here we go:  one little baby step at a time…

Place the zippered pocket fabric, wrong side up (10 inches left to right, 12 inches up and down).
1 ½ inches from the top, draw a centered horizontal rectangle—8” X ½”

Lining up mid-center of interior panel and pocket, place the pocket 2” down centered from the top.  Pin in place 

Sew on the lines you just drew, using a very small stitch length

Cut an opening down the center of the rectangle. Stop ½” from the ends.
Carefully cut diagonally from the stopping point to the corners. 

Turn the pocket through the hole and press. It should now look nice and smooth and straight (or somewhat crooked like mine). 

From the front of the interior panel, flip the side over and sew across the little triangle that now shows. Repeat on other side.

Center the zipper under the opening.  Pin then stitch in place using zipper foot.

On the back side fold the pocket over horizontally. Pin the open sides together then stitch along the sides and top of the pocket. 

Pull a 7 inch ribbon through the zip-pull.  Attach securely with a few stitches.  Apply a drop of Fray Check™ to each end of the ribbon if so desired. 

Finishing Touches 

Stitch interior front to interior back panel, leaving an 8 inch opening for turning.  Make a few clips around the curves. 

Pin handle strap ends to each seam on the interior purse, as shown.  Baste in place. 

Insert exterior bag into interior bag, right sides together, lining up seams.   Stitch along the top.

Pull the bag right side out.  It looks kinda silly now….
Hand-stitch the opening in the lining shut.

Insert lining into bag.  Topstitch along to top edge. Attach decorative button to flap.  

Done!!!!   You did terrific!  Pat yourself on the back!!!!

Here is your Danaye Hobo Bag pattern: Download File


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