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DIY Glasses Case Tutorial

I’m sharing my diy glasses case tutorial with you, in case your eyes are also wise. Or maybe you just need a pretty case to store your sunglasses!

What you’ll need:

*Two different scraps of fabric that are at least 8x8in (20cm)
*A scrap of batting, also 8x8in (20cm)
*Regular sewing notions and matching thread
*A serger or regular sewing machine capable of doing a zigzag or faux overlock stitch
*A fun button
*Piece of paper and a pencil

First, make a template from a piece of paper that 7 1/2in (19cm) wide by 7in (18cm) high. Next, select two rounded objects – one bigger than the other – to round off the top corners. Trace a rounded left corner with the larger object – I’ve used a dessert plate – and round the  right corner with the smaller object. I used a toddler cup for the smaller side (photos below).

After trimming the corners, measure 1in (25mm) from the right edge of the template and mark, but just draw a line – don’t cut it. When using the template for your fabrics and batting, trace/cut the front fabric in reverse, but trace/cute the inside fabric and the batting with the template right-side up. Mark the right side of the inside fabric with the 1in (25mm) -line you drew on your template. This will be a fold line later.

Layer your fabrics in this order: Outer fabric, right side facing down…then batting…then inside fabric facing up. Pin together. I prefer serging this project, but you can also use a sewing machine with a zigzag or faux-overlock stitch. If you serge, be sure to pin parallel to the edge so you don’t run over your pins!

Start by serging along the bottom, straight edge, and then serge around the rest of the glasses case. I allowed the serger knife to  trim just a little off the edge, because my serger prefers trimming the edge a little bit. I also think it makes the edge neater.

After you’ve serged the three layers together, fold the right edge inward. Then, fold the left side of the glasses case over to meet the folded edge. Line it up along the bottom. Pin and sew the bottom edge together on your regular sewing machine.

Because the right edge will remain open – meaning you could lose your glasses! – you’ll need to whip stitch this closed.

Then, add a little extra flair by sewing a coordinating button to the top of the opening. The button is only sewn through the top layer, not through the front and back of the glasses case.

Now, that was an easy project, wasn’t it?

I think this diy glasses case might be my next holiday gift for my glasses-wearing friends!


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