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Ruffle Clutch Bag Tutorial

 How to make a panelled ruffle clutch with her step by step tutorial. Choose your prints and make your own unique accessory.


1/4 yard fabric for the body (template A), and the border (template B)
1/4 yard Lining for C
3 Different prints – ¼ yard or one fat eighth each


Matching thread
Contrast Top stitching thread
Tailor’s chalk or water soluble pen
Zipper foot
Press Cloth
1/4 yard light weight Woven Fusible Interfacing
¼ yard fusible fleece
9” coil zipper
3/4” D Ring
Swivel Clasp


9 1/4” wide x 7” tall


All seam allowances are 3/8” unless otherwise noted.

When preparing the interfacing, cut the interfacing slightly smaller than the pattern piece.

If your zipper has any creases, place a press cloth on your zipper, teeth side down and iron on medium  heat.

Find the templates here.


Cut all pieces for ready to start assembling

Contrast fabric:

2 x template A
2 x template B
1 x 2” x 2 1/2” for the handle tab
1 x  2” x 12” for the handle
2 x 3 ½” x 1 ¼ for the zipper ends

Lining fabric:

2 x template C

Cotton prints:

2 x 2 3/4” x 8 ¼”, 4 ½” x 8 ¼”, & 6 ¼” x 8 ¼”


2 x template A
2 x template B
1 x  2”  x 2 ½” – Handle tab
1 x  2” x 12” – Handle

Fusible Fleece:

2 x template C

Attach the interfacing and fusible fleece

Following the manufacturer instructions, fuse the interfacing to pieces A, B, handle tab, and handle.

Fuse the fusible fleece to Lining panels C.

Mark pieces

Mark darts with tailor’s chalk or water soluble pencil on the wrong side of the shell and lining panels.

Stitch the darts on the lining panels

Stitch the darts on both lining panels. Press the darts towards the top on one panel and toward the bottom on the other panel.

Sewing the clutch panels

Hem the 8 ¼” edge of each printed cotton panel.  Mark down the center of each panel.  Place the printed panels, centered, on top of one another as pictured.  Pin in place.

Run a gathering stitch along the center of the three printed panels.

Pull up the gathers on the ruffles to the height of panel A.

Mark the center of the clutch panel A.

Place the ruffle on the center of the panel.  Pin in place.  Baste across the top and bottom edges of the ruffle ¼” from the edge.

Stitch down the center of the ruffle directly on top of the gathering stitch.

Place the right side of panel A to panel B and stitch together. Press the seam towards the top border.

¼” topstitch the seam on the border side with contrast top stitching thread.

Stitch darts in the bottom corners.  Press the darts towards the top on one panel and toward the bottom on the other panel.

Making the handle tab

Fold Tab in half along 2 ½” edge, press.  Fold under ¼” on each edge, press.  Fold in half and edge stitch.  Insert D ring into tab.

Place tab on the left side of body of clutch positioning the bottom of the tab ¼” up from the border seam. Baste in place.

Attaching the zipper

Measure the zipper and trim to 9”.

Fold the under the ends ¼” of the 3 1/2” x 1 ¼” pieces on the 1 ¼” side.  Press, press in half.

Butt the end of the zipper to the fold on the tab.  Pin in place and stitch the folded edge with an edge stitch.

Repeat for the other side.

Cut the folded edge and trim the zipper to ¼” beyond the fabric ends. Repeat for the other  side.

Place zipper face down on the right side of the clutch panel.  Place the long edge of the zipper tape matching the top edge of the clutch panel and pin in place.

Using a zipper foot, stitch 1/8” (1/4” seam allowance) from zipper coils, starting and stopping 3/8” from edge, back tacking at ends.*

Place the lining right sides with the right side of the clutch panel.  The zipper will be sandwiched in between the clutch panel and the Lining.  Pin lining in place along top edge.

With the outside panel, wrong side, facing you, follow the stitching that attaches the zipper to the outside panel.

 Turn the lining over the zipper. The wrong side of clutch panel will be facing the wrong side of the lining. Press both panels away from the zipper.  Top stitch along the top edge, ¼” away from the top edge stopping and starting 3/8” from side edge, back tacking at ends.

Repeat these steps for the other side from *.

Finishing the clutch

1) Separate the lining from the clutch panels.  Place the clutch panels right sides together matching the side seams of the top band and the notch at the bottom.  Fold the lining out of the way toward the center of the panel and pin.

Make sure the zipper is open so you can turn right side out at the end. Stitch 3/8” from edge starting at the top folded edge of the zipper. Clip small triangles on curved corners being careful not to clip into the stitching.

Press seam open.

Unpin the lining panels at each end of the zipper. Place the lining right sides together, matching notches at bottom, pin around perimeter.  Starting just below the zipper coils, stitch 3/8” from edge,

leaving a 4” opening at the bottom for turning. Clip small triangles on curved corners being careful not to clip into the stitching.

Press seam open.

Cut off excess zipper ends close to your stitching.

Turn right side out and press.  Slip stitch or machine edge stitch opening in lining closed.


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