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Laptop / Kindle / I-Pad Sleeve Tutorial

 DIY Laptop / Kindle / I-Pad  Sleeve Sewing Tutorial

What You Need

1/2 yard outside fabric
1/2 yard inside fabric
1/2 yard fluffy interfacing
thin elastic cord
coordinating button

First, we need to find how big the pieces you are going to cut have to be. The case I made was for a MacBook Pro, and the dimensions for it were 15 inches X 27.5 inches. However, I did some math for you so that you can make it for any size laptop. Yay! Laptop cases for everyone!

Please note that I used inches as my unit of measurement. Also, you're going have to use these dimensions to cut the outside fabric, inside fabric, and interfacing.

 To Find the Dimensions...
in reference to the picture above

1. Measure the longest side of your laptop. This is going to be called the length.
2. Measure out the shorter side of the laptop. This is going to be called the width.
3. Measure the height of the laptop.

To find the length of side A/C...
4. Use this equation: length (from step 1) + height (from step 3) + 1 1/2 (seam allowance) = side A/C

To find the length of side B/D...
5. Use this equation: width (from step 2) + height (from step 3) + 1 = {whatever # you get}
6.  Another equation: (answer from step 5 x 2) + 6 = side B/D
(Do the steps in the parentheses before adding 6 inches)

Okay, the hardest part is over! Let's move on.

Once you have everything cut out, layer it in this order.

First the interfacing.

Then the outside fabric.

Then your elastic. Cut the elastic so that it's big enough to wrap around the button you chose. Add on another inch so that you can have some extra to sew over. Then, fold the elastic in half and have about 1/2 inch hang out. Make the loop go inside/facing down. Put the elastic on either side B or D of your pieces. This is going to be the flap.

Finally, layer on the outside fabric.

Grab some pins. 

Pin around the edges. While you're at it, you might as well mark the half-way point across the top side where your elastic is so that you know where to sew it exactly.

When you reach the bottom, the side opposite of the elastic, measure out 5 inches in the middle of the bottom. Mark it there or put two pins just to remind you not to sew all the way across. You need this open spot so you can turn it right side out.

Once you have everything pinned down, sew around using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Remember, don't sew over that 5 inch opening in the bottom!

Trim the corners when you're done sewing.

Just like so! 

Now turn it right side out. Pull from in between the two patterned fabrics. Make sure to get everything pulled evenly.

Make sure you push the corners out so that they're nice and squared. 

Iron everything over so it's nice and smooth.

Iron over this open flap.

First fold it over.

Then iron over top of it.

This should make it easier to sew over!

Sew this opening closed. You're going to have to line your needle up very close to the edge of the fabric. If you want, you can sew over the whole side, but it isn't completely necessary. I just sewed over the open part.

 This is what it should look like in the end.

We're so close to having a completed laptop case! Just a few more simple steps.

Fold up the bottom of your fabric piece. Remember, the piece with the elastic is the top, and the end that you just sewed up (from above) is the bottom. Make it look like the picture above.

Measure out a five inch flap, the distance from the top of the folded up part to the very top of the fabric (the side with the elastic).

Once you have that measured out, pin everything down. 

Sew around it in this direction.

 You're going to have to sew very close to the edges. If you don't, the case may not be big enough to hold your laptop! Hopefully this picture gives you somewhat an idea of how close you need to be.

If you aren't comfortable sewing this close to the edge of the fabric, add 6.5 inches instead of 6 in step #6 from the measurement part. 

Once you've sewn all around, mark the general spot where your button should go. Fold the flap over to see where the elastic is to get an idea.

Then hand sew the button on and you're all set to go!

Then slide your laptop in to make sure it fits. 

Pretty easy, right?


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