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Zipper Purse Pouch Tutorial

 This lined zipper pouch is really very easy to make – and perfect to use to stash your keys, phone and makeup.


1 x zip [the length of your purse]
Cut 2x pieces of material for lining (23x12cm / 9×4.5inches) (my second purse with rounded edges is 20x14cm / 7.5×5.5inches)
Cut 2x pieces of material for outside (same as above)
2x small squares of material for zip end covers (5x3cm / 2x1inches).
Pins and hand sewing needle
Thread to coordinate with fabric

Step 1.

Cover the zip ends with the small pieces of material
Take your 5x3cm piece of material and press a crease 1/2cm hem on both sides and half way along the length. Place these two pieces over both ends of your zip and sew across. This gives your zip a pretty end and helps when sewing.

Step 2. Sew in the zip
(If you would like rounded edges on your purse – trim the corners on bottom edge of your lining and outer fabrics at this point.)
Place your outer fabric right side up and place your zip right side down onto the edge and line up your lining right sides down – pin to hold in place. Using your zipper foot on your sewing machine, and sew along this edge, making sure your zipper foot presses up alongside the zipper teeth but does not sew over them. Turn over fabrics so that your outer fabric and lining are wrong sides together. Attach the fabric to the other side of the zip the same way as before.

Step 3. Top stitching
Press the seams and then top-stitch the fabric on each side of the zip so that your fabric doesn’t catch in the zip teeth, you can do this by hand or machine.

Step 4.
Open your zip. Turn your fabric pieces around so that the rights sides of the outer fabric are facing and the right sides of the lining fabric are facing each other. Pin the outer fabric sides first, then the lining, ensure that the zip ends are pointing towards the lining side. Sew all around the entire square just leaving a 5cm /2inch gap in the bottom edge of the lining side to turn right side out.

Fold your corner seams of your lining and outer fabrics and poke your corners out. Then turn your fabric right side out through the 5cm gap in your lining. Before pushing your lining into the purse – hand or machine sew the gap. Then at this stage press the lining and outer fabrics to create a neat edges on the seams.

Push your lining into the inside of the purse and ensure all the corners are pushed out. Press one more time and you are done.


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