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Patchwork Sunglasses Case

Today, I’m going to share a super quick patchwork project, the Glasses Case Tutorial. This tutorial is super easy, but if you’ve been wanting to learn about bias tape now’s your chance.

- an 8 1/2” square of quilted patchwork*
- 1 yard bias tape
- back and pocket pattern pieces

*My patchwork is made from {64} 1 1/2” squares but Quilt As You Go would be fabulous!

First, from your patchwork cut the back and pocket pattern pieces.

If you have bulky, bug eyed sunglasses like me, consider adding a bit to the pocket. You will see that on my pocket piece I added approximately 1/4” to the bottom and right. This may not be necessary if your eyewear lays flat.

Optional: If your patchwork is not covered in dense quilting, baste around the edges of the pattern pieces. The basting stitches will keep everything together and help prevent any folds. I had to baste the edges together.

Next, attach some bias tape to the top of the pocket. I just folded over the bias tape and clipped. Then I top stitched along the inside edge. This is not the traditional way to attach bias tape, but it worked in this case.

Trim excess bias tape from the pocket.
Match the edges of the pocket to the back piece, easing in the excess fabric on the pocket and pin well.

Then sew the pieces together by stitching around the pocket using a 1/8” seam allowance. Before the final step, it might be a good time to try your sunglasses in the case.

Finally, attach the bias tape around the raw edges and you are done!  Here are some of my photos and tips from my process.

When it came time to join my raw edges I folded under one raw end …

(Alternately you could join the ends by sewing….)

Then I arranged the raw end over the folded end so that when turned the bias tape to the front the raw edge would be hidden.

When it came time to fold the bias tape to the front, I found it helpful to top stitch the straight edge first.

Then I was able to use a few clover clips to hold the mitered corners. Then I pressed (with steam!) the curves and finally top stitched the bias tape to the front.

And there you have it!


Those tiny patchwork squares make me smile, and I know my glasses could surely use a super-cute case like this. One for me, my mom, my husband… I better get busy!


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