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Square Deal Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern

 On Pins & Needles Pincushion DIY Tutorial. Bold fabrics, bright buttons, and colorful ribbon elevate a practical pincushion to new heights.


Fabric scraps or:
1/8 yard fabric for pincushion top & bottom (Fabric A)
1/8 yard fabric for side band (Fabric B)
1 yard ribbon, 1/8“-3/8" wide
2 buttons, 3/4" or larger Polyester stuffing
Long dollmaker’s needle
Strong nylon thread or buttonhole thread
Pliers (optional)
Small curved needle (optional)

 Read all instructions before beginning. Please note that all seam allowances are 1/4" wide and included in the pattern pieces.

1. Cut Out - Cut two pieces of pattern 1 (pincushion top & bottom) from Fabric A. Cut one piece (placed on fold) of pattern 2 (pincushion band) from Fabric B. With scissors, clip along band where indicated on pattern. Be careful not to clip deeper than the markings.

2. Sew & Press Band Seam - With right sides together, fold band in half, as shown. Stitch two short sides of rectangle together, back-stitching at beginning and end of seam. Press seam open.

3. Sew Top to Band - With right sides together, pin band to pincushion top, centering band seam on one edge and aligning dots at corners. Each clip in band edge (from step 1) will align with a corner of the top piece. Stitch as shown, back-stitching at the beginning and end of the seam. Be careful not to stitch into the clipped area of the seam allowance.

Note: For best results, shorten the stitch-length when sewing near the corners and pivot at each corner by placing the needle in a downward position, lifting the presser foot, and turning your work until the next side to sew runs parallel to the edge of your presser foot, then drop the presser foot back down and continue sewing.

4. Sew Bottom to Band - With right sides together, pin band to pincushion bottom, centering band seam on one edge and aligning dots at corners. Begin stitching approximately 3/4" from band seam, back-stitch, and then continue sewing pincushion bottom to band as in Step 3 above, until you come to within 3/4" of band seam. Back-stitch and remove from machine. You will have a 1 1/2" opening in the seam.

5. Turn & Stuff - Turn pincushion right-sides-out. Stuff with polyester stuffing until moderately firm. Be gentle when stuffing corners to prevent seam separation.

6. Slip-Stitch Shut: Taking petite stitches, slip-stitch the opening shut. Knot and trim thread.

7. Tuft with Ribbon - Thread long dollmaker's needle with ribbon. Do not knot end of ribbon. Tuft pincushion by stitching down through center of pincushion (marked with a star). Leave a 3-4" tail of ribbon on top of pincushion.
Wrap ribbon up over one side of pincushion and stitch back down through center. Pull ribbon snug against pincushion, being careful not to shorten existing ribbon tail. Repeat with remaining pincushion sides. When done, you will have one ribbon tail protruding from each side of pincushion.

Note: If you've selected a wider ribbon, you may need to carefully use a pair of pliers to grasp the dollmaker's needle when pulling the ribbon through. Some patient wiggling of the needle can help separate the fabric threads to make way for the ribbon.

8. Tack Down Ribbon Ends - Trim ribbon ends to 1/2" long, fold each end in half, and whip-stitch each one to pincushion. A small, circular needle may help in whip-stitching ribbon ends in place.

 9. Attach Buttons - Center a button on top of pincushion and over whipstitched ribbon end. Center the other button on the bottom of the pincushion. Taking long stitches through center of pincushion, secure buttons tightly in place. Knot and trim thread.


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