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How to make a really Simple Sunglasses Case

 Quick & Easy DIY Sunglasses Case. This is a lovely little project that is quite simple to make but really practical! Treat yourself or make as a gift.

 You will need:

    Fabric for outer (here I’ve used Slender Stripe)
    Fabric for lining
    Bondaweb and fabric scraps for decorating
    Coordinating and matching thread
    Pins and scissors
    Sewing machine and iron

1. Measure your sunglasses.

    Measure the length and width of your sunglasses.

 Add on 4cm for the length and 4cm for the width (to give the glasses a little extra space to fit comfortably).
 Add on an additional 2cm to both the length and width to allow for a 1cm seam allowance all the way around.

2. Cut the fabric.

    Based on the measurements of your sunglasses cut two pieces of your outer fabric and two pieces of your lining fabric. Mine pieces of fabric measure:10cm x19cm.
    Cut a piece of fabric 6cm x 10cm for your button loop (you can choose to use either your lining fabric or your outer fabric)

   3. Make the button loop.

    On the iron board, fold the button loop fabric in half lengthways, reverse side together. Press

Unfold and fold the outer edges in towards the centre fold, press.

Refold along the original centre fold with the edges tucked in. Press and pin in place.

Sew a straight stitch along the outer open edge.

4. Prepare the wadding and interfacing.

    Cut two pieces of wadding and two pieces of interfacing the same size as your two pieces of lining fabric.
    On the ironing board, place the pieces of interfacing, glue-side down, on top of the wadding, press for a few seconds until the interfacing a stuck to the wadding.

Tip: It is best to use a cool iron or place a clean tea towel over the wadding and interfacing before pressing.

    Trim around the piece of wadding/interfacing so they are slightly smaller than your pieces of lining fabric.

Jump to Step 6 if you not adding any decoration onto your case.

5. Decorate the front

    Decide what you are going to decorate the front of your case with. I am going to do a smiley sunshine wearing sunglasses!
    Draw the individual shapes of the decoration onto the paper side of the Bondaweb (e.g. the middle of the sunshine is separate from each individual ray).

Cut out your shapes with a bit of extra Bondaweb around the edges.

On the ironing board, place your shapes onto the reverse of your fabric scraps, with the glue-side of the Bondaweb facing down. Press for a few seconds until the Bondaweb sticks to the fabric.

Cut out your shapes and remove the paper backing of the Bondaweb, leaving the glue layer attached to the back of the fabric.

On the ironing board, place the shapes, glue-side down into position on the front of a piece of your outer fabric. Press so the shapes stick to the fabric.

Sew your shapes onto the fabric: here I have used free-hand machine embroidery (which I’m a bit in love with), alternatively you can sew the shapes on by hand or applique using a small zig zag stitch.

6. Putting the case together

Attaching the lining and outer fabric.

    With right-sides together, place a piece of lining fabric on top of the front piece of your outer fabric (the one which you decorated). PIn across the short edge; the edge that is to be the top of the case.

Using a 1cm seam allowance, sew across the top, removing the pins as you go.

You will do the same as above for the back pieces of outer and lining but first we need to attach the button loop…

    Fold the back piece of outer fabric length-ways and press with your fingers to find the centre (a little crease will be left in the fabric).

Fold over the button loop fabric and pin to the centre of the right-side (the patterened-side) of the outer fabric at what will be the top end of your case. Pin so the loop in facing into the case and the raw ends are lined up along the edge of the case fabric. Using a 0.5cm seam allowance, sew the loop in place.

With right-sides together, place a piece of lining fabric on top of the back piece of your outer fabric (the one which you have just attached the button loop too). Pin across the short edge; the edge that is to be the top of the case.

Using a 1cm seam allowance, sew across the top, sandwiching the button loop and removing the pins as you go.

Press open the seams.

Attaching the wadding/interfacing.

    Place your two pieces of wadding/interfacing onto the reverse side of your lining fabric, with the interfacing side facing up.

Pin and tack to hold in place.

Sewing the case together.

    With right sides together, and the lining and outer fabrics open, place one side on top of the other, matching up the centre seams and corresponding pieces (so linings together and outers together).

Pin around the edge.

Starting from the bottom of the lining, using a 1cm seam allowance, sew all around the edge of the case, making sure to catch the wadding/interfacing, removing pins as you go. Stop sewing just before you reach the start of your sewing line so you leave an opening of approximately 4cm. Stay stitch at the start and end of your sewing to hold the stitches in place.

7. Turn the case the right way out.

    Snip the corners of your case to remove the excess fabric and reduce the bulk.

Press the seams of the opening open – this will make it easier and neater when you come to close this opening.

Turn the case the right way out through the opening.

Tip: Poke the corners out with a pencil.

    Press and hand sew closed the opening.

8. Finishing

    Push the lining of the bag into the outer and press around the top edge to neaten.

Top stitch around the top of the case: you can do this by machine or by hand (I hand-sewed a running stitch as I like how this looks).

Sew on your button.

Slip in your shades and away you go!


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