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DIY Runner Lace Shorts

DIY Runner Lace Shorts
 I decided to recycle my old satin pajama pants, turning them into these sports shorts with lace trimmings. Now they look like lingerie shorts, right?


Pajama pants or long pants with elastic waist
Measuring tape
Chalk or marker
Sewing Machine

* Optional: Lace Trimmings


1. Cut the long trousers to shorts.

2. Unpick and remove the elastic waistband.

3. Of the remaining legs, cut two “flaps” of the same length as the shorts. Sew the edges around.

4. Sew the “flaps” on each side of the shorts.

5. Re-sew the elastic that you had previously removed from the waistband.

6. * Optional: Hand sewn a strip lace around the edge of the shorts. (on the hem and on the flap)

I hope you enjoyed this technique to make a sports shorts with the leftovers of pant leg. As I mentioned above, you can add a romantic touch with the lace trimming or just leave it plain.
DIY Runner Lace Shorts


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