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Sewing Caddy Bag Tutorial

Sewing Caddy Bag Tutorial
 With pockets for all your needles and scissors, this simple sewing project is a great way to stay organized. It's a stylish way to store all your sewing tools. Staying organized while sewing can be a truly difficult endeavor.

Make staying tidy while exploring sewing project ideas with this DIY organizer. This sewn basket pattern would be a great DIY Easter basket or way to organize your cleaning supplies, as well.

 Finished Size: 7” high, 13” wide, 6” deep, 15” handles

Materials Needed

3/4 yard Exterior Fabric
2/3 yard Lining Fabric
2/3 yard Pellon Décor Bond
1/2 yard Pellon Peltex
Coordinating Thread

Step 1: Cut out Fabric and Interfacing

Exterior Fabric:

Front, Back and Sides - 8” X WOM, sub cut into (2) 8”x14” and (2) 8”x7”
Handles- 5” x WOM, sub cut into (2) 5”x16”
Pockets- 6” x WOM, sub cut into (3) 6”x14”
Bottom – 7”x14”

Lining Fabric:
Front, Back and Sides - 8” X WOM, sub cut into (2) 8”x14” and (2) 8”x7”
Pockets- 7” x WOM, sub cut into (3) 7”x14”
Bottom- 7”x14”

Décor Bond:
Front, Back and Sides- 8”X WOM, sub cut into (2) 8”x14” and (2) 8”x7”
Handles- 5”xWOM, sub cut into (2) 5”x16”
Pockets- 6”xWOM, sub cut into (3) 6”x14”

Peltex:  Cut two pieces of Peltex 7” wide and then sub cut those into
(3) 7”x13” - front, back, bottom
(2)7”x6” – sides
*cut the bottom piece down to 6” x 13”*

Use ½” seams used unless otherwise noted
Please read all instructions before beginning.

Step 2: Make Handles 

Fuse the Décor Bond to Handle Fabric

Fold Handle in half lengthwise and press

Open handle and fold each side in toward center and press

Fold in half again and press

Topstitch a ¼” seam on each long side of handle

Fold in half again and pin

In center of handle, stitch over topstitching for 6”.  Be sure to backstitch at each end.

Step 3: Assemble Pockets 

 Repeat Steps for other Handle. Handles should look like picture above. Set Handles aside. 

Sew together and press open

To form pocket, fold in half (wrong sides together) and press

Open pocket and place Décor Bond between the layers. Press to fuse.
Fuse the Décor Bond to the Lining Front, Back and Sides.

Layer pocket onto Lining Front aligning layers along the bottom edge. Pin in place.

Repeat above step for the Lining Back and Exterior Front. Baste along sides and bottom.

Mark Pocket Divides with a chalk pencil or fabric marker.
Exterior- 3 pockets /  Interior- 2 pockets on one side, 3 pockets on other side

Sew over marked lines to form pockets. Be sure to backstitch at top of pocket.

Set pieces aside.

Step 4: Sew Exterior Together

Fuse Peltex to exterior front, back, sides and bottom. Center Peltex on each piece leaving ½” all the way around

Pin exterior front to exterior side and sew stopping ½” from the bottom edge. Backstitch at each end.

Repeat step for exterior back and other side.

Sew these two pieces together making sure to stop ½” from bottom edge and backstitching at each end.

You should now have something that looks like this.

Pin exterior bottom to long side of exterior front, right sides together and sew beginning and ending ½” from each end. Backstitch.

Repeat on opposite side.

Repeat process on sides. Make sure to start and stop sewing ½” from each end, backstitching at each end.

Turn exterior right side out.

Apply Handles to each side. Place handles centered on long side of caddy, positioned 3.5” apart. Baste using a ¼” seam.

Repeat same process of assembling the exterior for assembling the lining. Leave an opening on one long side of the lining for turning the project in the final steps. 

Step 5: Final Assembly

Place caddy exterior into lining, right sides together. Match up seams and pin. Sew using ½” seam.

Cut a notch out of each area where the seams join to reduce some bulk, being sure not to clip into the seams.

Turn right side out through the opening in the lining and press. Pin top edge and topstitch ¼” all the way around the top edge. Sew the opening in the lining closed.

You’re Done! 
Sewing Caddy Bag Tutorial


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