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DIY Wrap Scarf Short Tutorial

DIY Wrap Scarf Short Tutorial
  I call this type of shorts “Wrap shorts” because you wear them rolled around  your waist. This technique is very easy  and you can make them very fast.

In this tutorial I will show how easy it is to make your sarong shorts or “wrapshorts” using a scarf.


• Large Scarf or shawl

• Pins

• Sewing Machine

• Measuring tape

• Sheet of paper and pencil

• Scissors


1. Fold the sheet in half and cut a curve in one of the joints, so that the opening remains like a “U”.

2. Open the scarf and decide where you’d like to cut remembering to leave enough length.

3. Cut two rectangles of: the length of your waist + ¾ more + for desired pant length (example: waist 70cm + 52.50cm = 122.50 cm x 45 cm length.)

4. Place the U template right in the middle of the width of your 2 rectangles and cut out.

5. Sew the U.

6. Sew the hem on the edges remaining.

7. When you unfold the short it should look like this.

8. Cut 2 strips twice the length of your waist and sew them on the front of the waist area.

9. Flip the strip to the back and sew it on, closing the tip of the strips.

These kinds of shorts are very easy to make and fit many sizes and different bodies. You can choose to wear them high waisted or wear them lower on the hips.

I hope you will be inspired to make these pants with an old scarf you don’t use anymore!
DIY Wrap Scarf Short Tutorial


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