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DIY Rug Clutch Bag Tutorial

DIY Rug Clutch Bag Tutorial
 On one of my trips to oriental bazaars I came across a knitted carpet made of different colored fabrics… I found it to be an excellent material to make a bag! Check out the tut on how I made this “Rug Clutch”.


Woven rug (there are various sizes, purchase a small one to make a clutch bag)
Sewing machine
Thick interfacing
Button or click button
Optional *: Zipper and rings


1. Iron the interfacing to the carpet.

2. Cut the lining the same size as the carpet, cut a pocket and sew it to the lining.

3. Join the outer edges of the carpet and sew them together, leave a piece in one side longer for the flap.

4. Sew the bottom corners of the bag and turn it inside out.

5. Sew the lining together in the sides and sew the bottom corners of the lining.

6. Put the lining inside the bag and fix with pins.

7. Fix the lining to the edges of the bag with pins.

8. Sew the corners where you fixed with pins.


a) Sew a loop at each corner of the bag to attach a chain.

b) Sew a zipper under the flap to the lining.

10. Sew a button in the center of the bag to close the flap.

DIY Rug Clutch Bag Tutorial

You will have a colorful and fun bag that will look great with all your basics. You can also buy a larger rug to make a “Tote bag”.

I hope you get inspired and this encourages you to try a DIY with this cool rugs!
DIY Rug Clutch Bag Tutorial


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