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Lace Kaftan DIY Tutorial

 Lace Kaftan DIY Tutorial
  It’s a very simple version of how to sew a kaftan or tunic. You can use it as a dress or a coverup for the beach or the pool.


Fabric:1.50 meters of lace fabric, guipure or the fabric you prefer.
Measuring tape
Pompoms or fringes (optional)
Sewing machine with matching thread


1. Cut the fabric in four pieces (A, B, C, D). Example: If your fabric is 150cm width cut 4 pieces of 37,5cm by 150cm long.

2. Sew the A to the B and C to D. These will be the shoulders of the kaftan. (Image above)

3. Join the pieces AB with CD leaving a hole for the head of 25-30 cm depending on the length you want your cleavage to be.

4. Sew a strip of pompoms on each side of about 30-50 cm. (image above)

5. Cut along the silhouettes of the lace at the neckline for a more beautiful finish.

6. Fold the kaftan from the wrong side and sew joining the sides A with B and C with D. (Optional: If you want your kaftan to have openings on the sides, leave open about 50-65 cm from the floor up)

7. Finally, if your fabric has a similar finish on the bottom, cut it out along the edge.

You can do this kaftan a short version using 70-80cm of fabric. You also have the option of decorating it with pompoms (as I did) or fringes, or just leave it simple.

 This kaftan looks great both loose or with a belt to accentuate the figure a bit more.
 Lace Kaftan DIY Tutorial


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