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DIY Leggings Pattern & Tutorial

DIY Leggings Pattern & Tuorial
 It’s my favorite DIY Leggings pattern! This is a one-piece pattern that fits great and you can use to make thousands of leggings! I hope you like this version of elastic velvet fabric, you can make your own with the material and the fabric of your choice !


Stretch fabric (Lycra type, minimum 7%) cotton, printed, velvet….
Fabric scissors
Elastic band
Overlock or sewing machine with zigzag stitch
Legging pattern size M (Download it HERE )


1. Cut (with the fabric folded in half) the pattern legging, leaving less than 1 cm margin. So you have two mirrored pieces.

2. Fold each piece inside out and sew the leg between. (NEVER Basic stitch sewing machine, because it can burst and you do not want to put on a show)

3. Turn one of the legs inside out.

4.  Enter the leg that you just turned into the other leg and attach them between in The U form. So you join the two legs in the crotch of the legging.

5. Then turns out the pants and sew the hems of the legs. Take this time to try on the leggings and see if you have to adjust a little.

6. Wrap your waist with elastic band and stretch it until you feel comfortable with the setting. The sew it together in this point.

7. Equidistantly divide the elastic band on the waist of the legging placing it on the inside right on the edge.

8. Sew it on the edge.

9. Turn inward folding the edge over the elastic on the legging and sew back together with zigzag stitch.

This way of setting the elastic band is better than to make a tunnel, because this way it will not move and twist inside.

And done! Isn’t it super easy to sew leggings? To me it’s much easier and faster than to sew a top!

Take advantage of these DIY leggings to be comfortable at the holidays, if you choose a bright elastic fabric or a sequins fabric it will look great!
DIY Leggings Pattern & Tuorial


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