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DIY Cactus Pincushion Tutorial

DIY Cactus Pincushion Tutorial
 Create a pin cushion shaped as a cactus to put your pins and needles with fabric glue. Feel like making a cactus?


Fabric/s (I chose patchwork fabrics. Two shades of green and coral tone)
Leather, rough brown leatherette or fabric (to simulate soil)
Twine or embroidery thread in the colors of the fabrics.
Small pot.
Cardboard or poster board and a cardboard tube toilet paper.
Scissors and needle.
Strong glue or hot glue gun.
Foam, cotton or batting for stuffing.


1. Cut two cardboard disks with the diameter of your pot.

2. Make small cuts in one edge of the toilet paper tube. Open and paste it to a disk.

3. For the spare disk, cut a bigger disk of leather and one of batting.

4. Glue the batting disk to the cardboard disk aligned with the leather disc.

5. Glue the tube disk to the leather lined disk and introduce everything into the pot.

6. Cut a circle of fabric. Fold 1cm around the edge inwards and sew for gathering.

7. Fill it with all the possible batting. (make it very stretched).

8. Close the bottom with stitches.

9. Surround the piece with thick thread dividing it into 8 sections. Secure at the bottom with a few stitches.

10. Sew inside out the desired shape of your next cactus and make a smaller extra arm. Fill in the same way and sew the little arm to the cactus.

11. Cactus are more beautiful in bloom, so I´ll also make a flower. Do the same process as the first cactus. Only this time do not fill it, pull the thread to form a flower that you will sew to the little arm.

DIY Cactus Pincushion Tutorial

12. Glue all the cactus pieces to the base and pin your pins and needles.

As you can see I have three mini cactus. If you prefer, just make a bigger one.

It´s a decorative and functional piece that will draw the attention of more than one … Ideal for a handmade gift.
DIY Cactus Pincushion Tutorial


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