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DIY Easy Summer Shorts Pattern & Tutorial

DIY Easy Summer Shorts Pattern & Tutorial
  I created a simple pattern of a summer shorts you can make with the fabric you like. It’s a basic pattern which you can you can use as you like depending on what fabric you choose and the finishing touches you prefer.

Are you ready to sew DIY summer shorts from scratch? Let´s do it!


Fabric with a minimum elastic of 2-3% (I chose this festive and multicolored print to cheer up my white legs :P)
Interlining (if the fabric is light then white or black if it’s dark)
Fabric scissors and measuring tape
Pins and a 22cm invisible zipper
Sewing machine (and serger if you have one)

* IMPORTANT: To print this pattern you must print it on a large scale format printer (the doc. measures are 100cm x 50cm) Download the PDF document and visualize it on your screen at 100% before printing.


1. This tutorial is very similar to the tutorial “DIY floral skinny pants.”
So the first step is to place the pre-cut pattern on the fabric and place “Together” (the line that crosses vertically the patterns parallel to the edge of the fabric folded in two)

2. Cut 1 cm margin around the shorts and the lower part, leave 3-5 cm. (If you think you want it a little longer, leave more margin, you can always cut it shorter)

3. Sew the notch and iron it to the inside curve.

4. Borders with overlock all edges to polish, if you don´t have and overlock, simply pass a zig-zag stitch with your sewing machine.

5. Join the parts of the back and place the zipper in the center. Remember that if you choose an invisible zipper you have to sew it open with a special sewing machine piece.

6. Sew together the sides. Join also the middle and sew (from the navel to the back)

7. Time to do the lower hem. Bring up the amount you left of margin. If you’re not quite sure the length , try on the shorts and see if you like it before sewing.

8. Cut the strip that you for the waistband, iron the interfacing the same size. Put it on the outside of the shorts. (The pattern face to face). Sew around the edge leaving a 1cm margin.

9. Turn the waistband to the inside and make a few stitches sewn by hand or machine to fix it.

10. Iron the waistband and the whole short and it’s ready!

It’s a very simple summer short cut but depending on the fabric you choose you can sew many colors and with different patterns. This short made with a sequined stretch fabric can be spectacular, or in a white light cotton for a more beachy look.

* Remember that this pattern is a size S-M, if you are a size smaller, just removed 1cm on each side, if you are a larger size, add 1cm for every size you go up on the sides.
DIY Easy Summer Shorts Pattern & Tutorial


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