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Pleated Zippered Pouch Tutorial

Pleated Zippered Pouch Tutorial

Tutorial for making a small bag with a round pleat and zipper

Dumpling-like wraps are made in almost the same way as dumplings, except that the round dumpling skin is replaced with a cloth cloth ~~

1. Cut the same size of a round sheet of cloth, lining cloth, auxiliary cotton each piece, the size of the circle to determine the diameter of the example of about 26 cm → →

2. Stack the layers in the order shown above, align the edges of the 3 layers, and then divide them into two halves and sew them with a hand sewing needle, leaving the beginning and end of the seam allowance a little longer.

3. Tighten both threads at the same time so that half of the rounded edges come together to about half the length of their original diameters, and tie the two threads on the same side into a tight knot to prevent the pleats from coming apart.

4. The main body of the bag is almost like this, followed by the mouth of the bag piping, cut a section of piping strip about 3.2 cm wide diagonally, folded into one side of about 0.7 cm ironed → 

5. Fold one end of the piping strip into a seam allowance, lay it on the front of the bag and align it with the edge of the bag opening and start sewing, after sewing a circle, overlap the end and the head of the piping strip by one seam allowance or so to stop sewing, and trim the foot off the excessively long piping strip.

6. Fold over the piping strip to the inside and sew by hand→

7. The head and tail joints should preferably also be closed with a hidden needle stitch.

8. Installing the zipper, if the zipper is too long, cut off a section of the cloth with the cut edge of the bag sewing, bag mouth folded in the left and right side of the point to make a mark → 

Pleated Zippered Pouch Tutorial

9. The zipper is not started at the side point, but is left at a distance of about 1 cm before starting; a half-backstitch is used (the back of the zipper goes one step forward to the left to pass the needle to the front, and the front of the zipper goes one half step back to the right to pass the needle to the back), and the entry and exit points of the needle fall just at the edge of the piping strips.

10. Sew from right to left to the end of the half zipper, approximately 1 cm from the left side point.

11. Make the corresponding position of the other half of the zipper at the end position just before, and using this as a starting point, start sewing the other half of the zipper on the other side at a position 1 cm away from the side point.

Pleated Zippered Pouch Tutorial


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