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DIY Easy Zipper Purse Tutorial & Pattern

DIY Easy Zipper Purse Tutorial & Pattern

How To Make A Lined Zipper Pouch | Step-By-Step Tutorial And A Free Pattern

Finished size→17.5cm(L)×9.5cm(H)×5cm(Thickness)

The bag is not too big, you can put your cell phone, keys, coins and other small objects~~

Download the bag pattern

1. Cut the fabric and cotton according to the pattern. The front and back pieces of the bag can be connected together, that is, the surface fabric, lining fabric and auxiliary cotton are cut to more than twice the size of the paper pattern. I used 120g of non-adhesive compact cotton. 1 layer is a little less firm, so I used 2 layers →>.

2. Next, the lining, auxiliary cotton, and surface fabric will be embossed together. Tired of the diamond plaid? Let's change the pattern - Apple core, also known as axe pattern. We have paid for the pattern and how to use it in the bag pattern. First, draw the lines on the tablecloth →

Then crimp, either by machine or by hand→

3. Press the lines and then cut according to the paper pattern. The same goes for the bottom circumference. The picture below shows the front and back pieces of the bag plus the bottom circumference.

4. Roll the edges of the mouth of the bag with a piping strip of approximately 3 cm in width, and sew the piping strip to the opposite side of the mouth of the bag first, as shown in the figure below.

Then turn the piping strip over to the front folded edge and crimp along the folded edge→

5. Prepare a zipper with a usable length of 15 cm. The zipper is then sewn between the two bag sides.

DIY Easy Zipper Purse Tutorial & Pattern

Note that the middle position of the zipper is about 0.7 cm from the edge of the bag opening→

6. After installing the zipper, sew a small cloth loop on the open end of the zipper, which allows us to hang a removable bag strap →

7. Cut diagonally some piping strips with a width of 2 cm and prepare a piece of cotton rope, let's put inlays around the wrapping surface→

Leave a little length at the beginning of the insert, and when the head and tail are about to be connected, trim the cotton cord to just the right length; then cut the head of the strip flat and fold it inward for one seam, leave the tail a little longer and cut it flat as well, wrap the head around the tail and then the cotton cord, and continue to sew until the end of the circle.

8. Now mark the centers of the two bottom edges, the ends of the bottom circumference and the midpoints of the two sides of the bag with the inserts installed. Sew the overlay to the bottom circumference with the front side facing inwards as shown in the following illustration.

DIY Easy Zipper Purse Tutorial & Pattern

9. After completing the sewing, use a diagonal piping strip with a width of about 3 centimeters to cover the sewing edges, turn it over to the front, and finish making the bag.

DIY Easy Zipper Purse Tutorial & Pattern

DIY Easy Zipper Purse Tutorial & Pattern


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