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DIY Fabric Hedgehog Toy | Pincushion

DIY Fabric Hedgehog Toy | Pincushion

DIY Fabric Hedgehog Toy Free Sewing Pattern | Fabric toys diy, Sewing stuffed  | Pincushion

Recently designed and made a small hedgehog, the paper pattern to share out ~!

Hedgehog finished size: 18cm (body length) x 11cm (height)

Hedgehog paper pattern download

Steps to make the little hedgehog

It's relatively easy to make the little hedgehogs, I made detailed letter markings on the paper pattern and just aligned the points with the same letters when sewing. Here are the steps:

1. Sew a pair of ears to the front and fold them over to secure them to the head;

2. Sew the back. The back of the hedgehog is divided into 6 pieces. First, sew 2 pieces of "Back-1" together F~C, then take 2 pieces of "Back-2" and sew them on both sides of "Back-1" (E~C), then sew 2 pieces of "Back-1" together (E~C), then sew 2 pieces of "Back-1" together (E~C). Then sew 2 pieces of "Back-3" to each side of "Back-2" (D~C), so that the back is hemispherical;

3. Attach the head to the back (B~F~B), sew the back together and then turn it over to the front and press the thread on the head side. 4;

4. Align the back of the head and the abdomen with the corresponding marking points and sew a circle with a bead needle, leaving a distance of 5~6cm on the back of the head;

5. Turn the hedgehog to the front and put on the nose, stuff it with cotton padding and then sew up the opening;

6. Pin two small beads for eyes. Finished!

DIY Fabric Hedgehog Toy | Pincushion


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