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DIY Dumpling Pouch Bag

DIY Dumpling Pouch Bag

Tutorial for making a dumpling zipper bag makeup bag. Free Pattern.

 I like the simplicity of the design, only the lines from straight to curved changes, so the appearance of this bag has become rounded and soft ~ at first glance looks like a big dumpling, let's call it a dumpling bag ~!

DIY Dumpling Pouch Bag

DIY Dumpling Pouch Bag

Dumpling zipper bag pattern download

Finished size: 21cm (W) x 11cm (H) x 6cm (D).

Please print on 100% A4 paper with a seam allowance of 0.75 cm. The paper pattern is a PDF file, if you have any questions please click on Print Help.

The making of this bag is no different from a normal zipper bag, I will write a rough tutorial ......

1. Cut 2 pieces of fabric and 2 pieces of lining according to the paper shape of the bag, then trim the paper shape to a clean shape and cut 2 pieces of auxiliary cotton. 2;

2. Iron and glue the cotton to the back of the fabric;

3. Prepare a zipper with a usable length of 20.5cm;

4. Align the zipper face down with the edge of the opening of one of the tablecloths and position it with a bead-needle, fold the ends of the zipper inside out, and sew the zipper and the tablecloth together:

5. Take another piece of lining fabric and lay it on top to align the stitches:

6. Lay out the sewn table cloth and lining fabric separately on both sides, with the bottom seam allowance reversed to the table cloth side, and press the thread along the zipper edge above the table cloth:

7. Repeat steps 4~6 to sew the other side of the zipper and the remaining two pieces of table cloth and lining cloth:

8. Align the tablecloth with the tablecloth and the lining with the lining on each side of the zipper and sew a loop, leaving a return on the bottom edge of the lining:

DIY Dumpling Pouch Bag

9. Sew the 4 bottom corners on the tablecloth and lining:

DIY Dumpling Pouch Bag

10. Finally, turn the entire zipper bag inside out through the opening and sew the opening on top of the lining with a hand sewing needle.

DIY Dumpling Pouch Bag


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