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DIY Quilt Slippers Pattern

DIY Quilt Slippers Pattern

Soft-soled slippers made of all fabric for the following fall~~ The pattern contains 4 models of 23cm, 24cm, 25cm and 26cm.

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Slippers are relatively simple to make, so here is a rough explanation~~

1. Shoe soles. It is recommended to use several layers of cloth stacked together to make the sole, not recommended to use cotton, because cloth is better than cotton, and the cotton will be thinned out when it is under heavy pressure. The number of layers of cloth is still based on the performance of your sewing machine to decide, of course, the thicker the better lah ~ ~ cloth cloth bottom layer to be thick and wear-resistant, the top layer of the same choice and the upper. After the fabric is ready, press the threads on it, the pattern should be random, and it is better to press it densely. After finishing, trim and shape according to the paper pattern provided by us, and don't forget to mark the center of the front. More importantly, the soles of the shoes should be in pairs.

2. Upper making. The upper is made with the upper fabric + cotton + lining fabric. First, cut the upper fabric and cotton into a wider width, press the threads together, and then trim the fabric to shape accurately. The lining is cut separately.

Align the surface and lining fabrics facing each other and sew the shoe opening, then cut some teeth in the sewn portion, turn it over, press a line on the shoe opening, and fake-stitch the rest of the edges in a circle.

Use a hand sewing needle to sew the tip of the shoe and then tighten it slightly.

3. Sew the upper and sole. Align the front centers of the upper and sole, then gradually align the edges from the center to the sides and secure them with a bead pin, and finally sew them together with a 0.7 cm seam allowance.

DIY Quilt Slippers Pattern

4. Final piping. Cut diagonally a strip of piping of about 3.3 cm in width and piping the edge of the shoe→

DIY Quilt Slippers Pattern


DIY Quilt Slippers Pattern


You can also buy ready-made slipper soles from the market, and make a paper pattern for the soles according to the soles you bought, and still use the paper pattern we provided for the uppers~~

DIY Quilt Slippers Pattern


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