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DIY Fabric Shopping Bag

DIY Fabric Shopping Bag

DIY Fabric Shopping Bag | Reusable shopping bag sewing Tutorial and Pattern.

Simple and practical environmental protection shopping bag for beginners to make Oh ~

DIY Fabric Shopping Bag

This undershirt style bag, according to the different needs of the production of large and small models, cutting up is also very convenient, all are straight squares. Below is the production of these models of environmental protection bags I use 2 types of cutting diagram, red labeled as small, blue for large. The bag fabric is optional.

In this article, I will take the large shopping bag with organizer as an example, and introduce the production method for beginners.

First of all, cutting. Cut a length of 40cm from a piece of fabric with a width of 110cm or 140cm. Then in this piece of fabric cut 2 pieces of 40 cm wide as the front and back piece of the bag, cut 2 pieces of 13 cm wide as the bag strap, and then cut a 16 cm wide, the length of the cut into 28 cm as the inner bag (width 110 cm width is not enough, the inner bag should be cut with other cloth; if you use the cloth is thicker, you should increase the size of the inner bag).

DIY Fabric Shopping Bag

Eco-friendly shopping bag sewing steps

1. Now start sewing, first make the inner bag. One end of the bag cloth to 0.7, 1.5, 11 cm spacing, respectively, with an iron to press out the crease, against the side of the two will be done for the bag fold, the middle of a bag is the bottom of the bag folding → 

2. Pressing stitch on the folded edge of the pocket→

3. Fold the inner pocket fabric inside out along the center crease and sew the two side edges together, backstitching at the beginning and end.

4. The front and back pieces of the sewn pocket are one high and one low, and we have to fold and sew the side edges of the higher part to enclose the raw edges.

5. Turn the inner bag inside out and iron it flat.

6. Fold both sides of the two straps, the seam should not be too wide, to 0.5 ~ 0.6cm appropriate

7. Draw a horizontal line on the back of the two pieces of wrapping surface at a distance of 2cm from the upper edge. Then one of the pieces of bag face up, take over the two straps face down on the left and right side of the mouth of the bag, from the mouth of the left and right edges of the bag about 1cm, the upper edge of the edge aligned with the horizontal line drawn on the bag surface; and then take over the inner bag to lay in the mouth of the bag in the middle of the upper edge is also aligned with the horizontal system. Fix it with a bead needle first, and then adjust the stitch length of the sewing machine and press the line to fix it.

8. Attach the other ends of the two straps to the other piece of wrap in the same way.

9. Align the two pieces of the bag face to face, sew the left and right side edges together, sewing first flat and then locking the edges together.

10. Fold the left and right sides of the bag inward at the centerline of each strap.

After folding the bag, the bottom edge of the bag is fixed with a bead pin, then sew the bottom edge, and then lock the edges→

11. Turn the bag inside out and sew around the opening. The first fold is about 0.6 wide and the second fold is about 1.4 wide, so that the folded edge just covers the strap as well as the edge of the inner pocket. You can press out the folds with an iron before pressing the threads→

After sewing the folded edges, you also have to fold the strap upwards and press another loop of thread on the top edge of the bag opening→

12. Fold the center part of the strap in half and secure it with a crimp. This completes the shopping bag.

DIY Fabric Shopping Bag

Environmental protection bag storage method

In addition to the inner pocket of this environmental protection bag to place the keys and coins in addition to the function, when not in use, we can fold up the entire bag into the inner pocket, storage is very neat!

If you think it is too much trouble to do the inner pocket, then use a strap to replace the position of the inner pocket, just like the umbrella on the buckle strap, will be a pair of buckle two parts were placed on both ends of the strap, so that when the storage of the bag bag folded and then rolled up, buckled on the strap on it can → →

Or just keep it simple and sew a string to the mouth of the bag as a lanyard after the whole bag is made.

DIY Fabric Shopping Bag

DIY Fabric Shopping Bag


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