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Easy Pencil Case Tutorial

Easy Pencil Case Tutorial

Easy pencil case sewing pattern free tutorial with zipper for beginners.

Finished size → 19cm (L) × 4cm (W) × 4cm (H)


1. Cut a piece of canvas 24cm x 16cm;

2. First, install the zipper → canvas front side up, zipper front side down, align the edges and fix →

3. Sewing machine to sew the zipper to the canvas using a one-sided presser→

4. After sewing the zipper, it is advisable to lock the edges with a "Z" stitch to prevent the canvas fibers from coming apart.

5. Pressing a bright line on the front face→

6. Align the canvas and zipper on the other side, and repeat steps 3 to 5 to complete the entire zipper.

7. Pull the head of the zipper to the middle part, sew the open end of the zipper together with a hand sewing needle, and then trim off the excessively long zipper, in order to prevent the head of the zipper from falling off, the other end of the zipper is best to do the same operation and then trimmed.

8. Fold the pen bag along the zipper in the middle, cut a tooth at 1/2 of the canvas to mark; then overlap the zipper and this 1/2 of the alignment, the two sides of the fold (1/4 of the width of the canvas) and then cut a tooth at each side of the mark; do the same at the ends → 

9. The key step comes, the pen bag turned to the opposite side, the three teeth and zipper together, so that the ends of the pen bag folded into an accordion shape, folded with a bead pin temporarily fixed → 

Easy Pencil Case Tutorial

10. Sew the ends together, preferably also locking the edges together→

11. Turn over to the front and the pen bag is ready.

Easy Pencil Case Tutorial

12. The special feature of this pencil case is the two ends, take a close-up look →

Easy Pencil Case Tutorial


By eliminating the length of the pencil bag, you can make a cute little box coin purse!

Easy Pencil Case Tutorial

Using a single layer of canvas to make a bag can be very stylish, but canvas shrinks a lot, so be sure to shrink the canvas before making it, otherwise your bag will shrink and wrinkle up around the edges of the zipper after you wash it.

Easy Pencil Case Tutorial

Easy Pencil Case Tutorial


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