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Pouch / Pencil Case Tutorial

 the ‘sideway’ pouch/pencil case a short tutorial

 what you need:
• Outside fabric: 21x24cm + 5x24cm
• Inside fabric: 2x 6x24xm + 1x 21x24cm
• 20cm long zipper
 1/ the strap
Take the 5x24cm strip, fold it in 2 lenghtwise - right side in. Pin  then sew its long edge at 5mm from  edge. Turn it inside out  and iron.
Topstitch at 2mm from both long edges. Fold it in 2 and pin it as seen on picture  on the 21x24cm outside piece 2cm lower than its top edge.

 2/ the zipper
To make it easier later on, you may want to sew a tight zigzag stich at both ends of the zipper.
Put the outside 6x24cm piece face up in front of you. Place the zipper, face down, on its top edge, right face up.  Then, put the the 6x24cm lining piece, right face down, over it and pin the 3 together making sure to mark clearly where the small metallic parts of the zipper are: cfr the vertical pins on picture

 With your ‘zipper’ foot on, sew the zipper making sure to stay between both vertical pins.
Turn around and pin parallel to the zipper. Topstich making sure again not to sew further than the small metallic parts at both ends of the zipper.
Proceed the same way with the other side of the zipper and the 6x24cm fabric pieces

3/ open the zipper !!!
 4/ making the pouch
Pin and sew the long edges of both outside pieces together - right sides facing. Do the same for the lining piece. But be sure to leave a +/- 5cm opening in the lining seam

 Fold the pouch by aligning the seam you just made. Sew closed both ends of the outside fabric making sure the lining isn’t included in the seam (the zipper, on the other end must be included in it)
Proceed the same way with the  lining

 5/ Finishing

 Turn the whole thing inside out through the opening you left in the lining. Make sure to mark the corners well - with a pen for example. Close the opening in the lining and slip the lining
into the outside fabric


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