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Travel Jewelry Pouch Organizer Tutorial

Step-by-Step Sewing. DIY Travel Jewellery Pouch.
I used to have this lovely little travel jewelry case that my sister made for me when we were teenagers. She used to make a lot of them and sell them at craft fairs, and they were a great design that kept all your necklaces tangle free in your luggage. I lost that original one somewhere along the way, so I thought I’d try to make a replacement for an upcoming trip.
And it turned out so well that I thought I’d share with you how to make your own!

What you’ll need is:
One twelve inch square and one nine inch square each of two different fabrics
One of each same sized muslin or pattern paper
Two pieces of 18 inch ribbon

To start, measure your pattern circles. You could do this directly onto your main fabrics, but I felt better having a template to work from. Fold the square into a triangle, and then fold over on itself two more times. Using a measuring tape, mark out a 6 inch arc from the tip of your triangle. This will give you a 12 inch circle.

Cut along the arc you’ve drawn and then unfold into a circle. Repeat with the 9 inch circle, marking your arc at 4.5 inches from the point.

Now you have two circles!

Next use your pattern circles to cut one of each from your two fabrics. This is what you’ll have:

With the outside fabric, sew a button hole about an inch and a half from the edge. Sew a second button hole directly opposite on the other side of the circle. These will be where you thread the ribbon through to gather the pouch at the end.

With right sides of the two large circles together, stitch them together 1/4 inch from the edge, leaving a one inch gap to turn it right side out. I top stitched around the edge after I turned it right side out, but that’s optional. You could just slip stitch the gap closed. Repeat for the smaller circle.

Now we make the casing. Stitch all the way around the larger circle about 1 inch from the edge. Then stitch around again, about 1/4 inch from your first round. Make sure your button holes are between your casing lines.

With the two circles lined up together with lining fabrics facing each other, mark the very centre of your circles and sew a three inch circle around the middle through both layers. Leave a small hole to put some stuffing between the two layers. This will be the bottom of the pouch and gives it some structure to sit on. Once its stuffed, sew the gap closed, so it looks like this:

Divide your circle up with four “spokes” which will make your eight pockets and stitch along these spokes (but not all the way through the middle), through both layers.

Then, using a safety pin as a guide, thread your first ribbon through your button hole and pull it around and out the other button hole. Do the same on the other side. Knot the ends of the ribbons together on each side and pull them to gather it closed.

And you’re done! 


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