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Bag Basket Tutorial

 DIY Gift Bag Basket Gift Ideas. Treat Bags and a Tutorial

The finished measurements of this bag are 6” wide X 6” deep X 9" tall. Prepare:  Begin by cutting out your pattern pieces.
You’ll need two inner layers:  15 ½" long X 13" wide, two outer layers:  10 ½" long X 13" wide, and two strap pieces: 15 ½" long X 6" wide.  Iron lightweight fusible interfacing on all pieces.

To assemble straps, fold each in half lengthwise and press.  Unfold, then fold edges in to the middle and press.

Fold strap in half again, press and top stitch approximately ¼” from each edge.

To assemble the body of your bag, place two outer pieces right sides together and stitch around sides and bottom at ½".  Place two inner pieces right sides together and stitch at ½" around sides and bottom, but leaving a 3" opening in the center of the bottom.

Now to make the base of the bag, choose one of the bottom corners of the outer.  At this corner, you’ll need to push the side seam down to meet the bottom seam, creating a triangle.
 Be sure that you side seam and your bottom seam are lined up well. Pin this in place.  Repeat this step, bringing the opposite side seam down to meet the bottom seam, creating a triangle and pin.  Your bag will now look a bit like it has dog ears at the bottom.   Like this:

Using a ruler, find where the triangle measures 6” across and draw a line.  Repeat on other side.  Stitch along this line and trim the excess triangle off.  Repeat on opposite side.

 Repeat this process to form the base of the bag inner.

To attach strap and flap to outer body layers, turn outer body right side out.  On one side, measure and mark 4¾" from each side seam. Marks will be about 2 ½" apart.

Pin one strap with it's inside edges against the marks that you just made.  Baste strap on.  Repeat to attach strap on opposite side.

To complete assembly, with outer part of bag right side out and inner inside out, insert outer into inner.  Be sure that straps are down inside.  Match up side seams and pin all the way around top edge.

Sew all the way around top edge at ½”.  I like to stitch across the straps, backstitch, then stitch across them again to make sure they stay secure.  (A bag full of candy can get really heavy!) Turn bag right side out through the opening in the inner part of bag.

Push the inner down inside the outer until the bottoms line up.  The inner layer should stick up above the outer about 2 ½" on the outside above the straps.  Press the top of the bag all the way around.

Now, press each of the four sides to make the corners of bag.

Almost done . . . pull the inner back out and pin and sew opening closed.

 Now head out and fill it up with treats.  Your bag will stay open to see what's inside when you sit it down. And, it'll close up nicely so that none of your goodies escape when you pick it up to carry it away


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