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Simple Soft Pouch - Tutorial

 Sewing Simple Little Pouches for phones, coupons, and all that purse junk. Sew Tutorial

This is a super quick project.
To make your own, you'll need...

A 23cm by 18cm square of felt - wool felt is best as it won't pill as much as synthetic
a 23cm by 18 cm square of lining fabric
A 23cm by 18cm square of heat and bond
Bias tape (mine was cut at 5cm wide)  I made my own  out of the same fabric as my lining.   You don't need much.
Embroidery thread and a co-coordinating button.  (I covered my own, but it's up to you!)

Start by fusing your felt  and fabric together with the heat and bond. Make sure you read the manufacturer's instructions so that you don't scorch the felt.  If your edges are a bit rough, you can trim them back with a rotary cutter.

On one of the shorter (18cm) sides of the rectangle sew a row of top stitching about 0.5 cm from the top.

Measure and mark up 16cm from the edge that you top stitched.  Fold the top stitched edge  to the mark that you just made and pin.  Sew both sides to make a pocket.  I used a 1cm seam allowance.  Reinforce  the seams so that your pocket will be nice and strong.

Next, you need to round off the top corners of your pocket.  Fold it in half lengthways.  Find something round you can trace to create a neat, round edge. Only cut off the very edge of the corner - you don't need to take of too much!
When you are done it should look like this.  Actually, it should look better than this - mine was really wonky and I had to go back and re-trim it!

Next - it's time to grab you bias tape. 

With the pocket facing down, pin the bias tape around the edge of your pocket.  Fold the ends of the tape up so that they  look nice and neat. Make sure that you stretch the tape out around the edge of the corners so that they don't pucker. Sew.

Now turn the pouch so that the pocket is facing up. Pull the bias round so that you can pin it to the front of the pouch.  Pin and stitch the bias down.

Nearly done!

Sew on your button and create a button loop using your embroidery thread. 

Guess what? You're done. While I made these pouches with my phone in mind,  I've found that they're useful for many things!


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