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How to make a Tote Bag

How make a "half-tote bag" - pretty big bag, but not deep enough to lose stuff down at the bottom!

 Basically, it's half a tote bag. Nothing can get so deep in the bag that it gets lost. It holds just enough: wallet, phone, glasses, pen, cosmetic bag, etc.

The handles are a bit shorter than a typical tote and there is a nice gusset at the bottom which makes this "tote" a little more refined.

This can be done in almost any fabric really. If you're using something very flimsy, I recommend interfacing. I used traditional quilter's cotton and liked the way Heat N Bond Non-Woven Extra Firm worked. Easy to attach and gives the tote a "fabric bucket" effect.

One additional fun fact- you can use these sewing details to make yourself a proper-sized lined tote by starting with a 1/2" yd fabric (18"h) of each outer and lining. In this way, you can use the excess on the side (which is probably around 4-5"w x 18"h) to make handles, too!

Please note, I am a pretty lazy sewist and I'm simple in needs as well. I did not include any interior pockets, but I can see how some would like that. Easy enough... when preparing the lining, simply add some pockets before attaching the handles (after the interfacing is attached). Cut rectangle to desired size, finish the top and press under 1/4" on the sides and bottom. Topstitch 1/16" onto the lining (right side).  You could also add a large panel the same way, then make divisions of pockets for various sizes by topstitching in various spots.

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