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Mini BackPack Coin Purse Tutorial

 Mini Back Pack Coin Purse And Key Chain DIY Tutorial

 Supplies needed:

one 1/2" swivel snap

one 24mm split ring

1/2" twill tape or ribbon... Cut two lengths at 4" and one at 2" (used for straps and securing hardware)

6" zipper

3.5" of 1/4" bias binding

12.5" x 5" piece of laminated cotton

Marking pen, as pins are not recommended because of the permanent holes that they leave in the laminated cotton.

zipper foot for your machine

*Trace pattern pieces for back pack onto the wrong side of the laminated cotton (a ballpoint pen works well for this).  You should have a FRONT piece, a BACK piece, a POCKET, a BOTTOM BAND and a ZIPPER BAND.
 All seam allowances are 1/4" and are included.
 Transfer markings for the strap placement on the wrong side of the BACK piece for the back pack.

 1. Stitch binding to the top edge of the POCKET.  Trim away excess binding from each end.

2.  Baste the POCKET to the FRONT piece of the back pack.
 3. Mark center for the top and bottom of both the back pack FRONT and BACK piece. (Note that strap placement marks are already on the wrong side of the BACK piece - only one mark is shown for each strap in following photo).
 4. Using the 2" length of ribbon, thread the split ring and the swivel hook onto it and then baste the ribbon to form a loop.
  5.  Take the two 4" lengths of ribbon, baste the ribbon to bottom edge of the back pack BACK piece using the placement marks. These will be the straps on the back pack.
 6.  Stack the ribbon straps free ends to the center mark on the top edge of the BACK piece and baste to secure.  The loop with the swivel hook and keyring will then be basted on top of the ribbon straps at the center top of the BACK.
 7.  Using the zipper foot, stitch the ZIPPER BAND right side to right side of the zipper with a 1/4" seam. (The zipper will be trimmed down to the length of the band in a future step).
 8. Topstitch along the edge of the ZIPPER BAND...
   to have it look like this....
 9.  Making sure that the zipper pull is located within the length of the ZIPPER BAND, first trim the zipper tape to the length of the ZIPPER BAND and then stitch the short ends of the ZIPPER BAND and the BOTTOM BAND together, securing the 1/4" seam with reverse stitching at each end.  Repeat to stitch the other short ends together.
  Here are the bands sewn together.
 10.  Right sides up and with the seam allowances folded away from the ZIPPER BAND, topstitch across each end of the joined bands.
 The topstitched bands will look like this:
 11. Mark centers on the  joined bands... here:
 and here (Note that the pin is used for marking center through the zipper tape only and NOT through the laminated cotton.  Use your marking pen on the laminated cotton's wrong side).
 Here are the FRONT, BACK and BAND pieces with centers marked and ready to be stitched together.
 12. Take the BACK and the BAND pieces, right sides together, making sure that laminated cotton section of the ZIPPER BAND is lined up with the top edge and center (the point where all the ribbon was previously basted to form the straps) of the BACK piece.  The BOTTOM BAND section will have its center aligned with the center mark on the uncurved section of BACK.  Stitch, starting at bottom center.
 13.  As you near the first corner, snip within the seam allowance, the BOTTOM BAND, right at the point where you will pivot, to make the sewing easier and the seam smooth. 
  14. Continue sewing around, making sure that the center marks match at the top edge (be sure that keychain and swivel hook are out of the path of the needle) and complete the second corner in the same method as the first.
To finish: keep the zipper open and match up centers, top and bottom before sewing the FRONT to the BAND in the same manner as for attaching the BACK.
 Turn right side out and add a short piece of ribbon to the zipper pull for an extra finishing touch.  Now load up that back pack with some coins and keys and clip it someplace handy!

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