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Makeup Bag Tutorial

 Easy Cosmetics Bag Tutorial. Free pattern, quick and easy to sew

Easy Cosmetics Bag Tutorial. Free pattern, quick and easy to sew


Main pocket:
2 x outer fabric: 16 cm x 24 cm
2 x inner fabric: 16 cm x 24 cm
2x Vlieseline H630: 16 cm x 24 cm

Extra pocket:
Flap: 2 x 6 cm x 16 cm
Tray: 2 x 10 cm x 16 cm

Zipper, about 22 cm
Bias binding or fabric remnants for zippered ends

 That's how I did it:

Before starting, the non-woven line must be ironed on the outer fabric according to the manufacturer's instructions. As the fabric cools, the zipper is prepared.

To do this, simply close the zipper ends with correspondingly folded fabric remnants or, even easier, immediately with bias tape. Important: The zipper including the border should not be longer than 22 cm at the end, so that the bag later has "nice" zippered corners.

 Afterwards, the patch bag can be prepared. I've used cork here, normal cotton goes, too, of course. Then, however, I would reinforce the substance, e.g. with fleece line H250.

First of all, I drew curves on the fabric parts for flap and main compartment with the help of a tealight. Since you may like to be creative;) Or just square.

 Sew together the parts for the flap and the compartment on the right side to the right, leaving an opening at the top.
 Seam allowances are cut back at corners and curves. Cut the fabric at the curves until just before the seam or cut it back with a pair of pinking scissors.
 Then turn and shape well with your fingers or with a blunt (!) Tool. I like to take the hairy end of a brush.

After the parts have been turned and best ironed flat, it is stitched all around, thereby also the turning openings are closed.

 Now again the fabric parts for the main bag are used.
On the left and bottom right, squares of 3 cm x 3 cm are cut out of the corners of all parts (inside and outside fabric, ie four times).

 Then lay a part of outer fabric in front of you and place the compartment of the patch pocket 4.5 cm from the lower edge in the middle and sew on. I put the needle to the right, so as not to sew in the existing stitching. Leave open at the top;)

 Sew the flap directly over it with a straight seam so that the sides of both parts are flush, clear.
 From now on, as usual, the bag sandwich.
Zipper (in the middle, 1 cm from the left and right edges), outer fabric.
 Sew together with the RV foot, unfold, iron and stitch again along the edge of the zipper so that the inner fabric does not warp and can later be caught in the zipper. On the other side the same again.

 The outer fabric is now folded right to right on the outer fabric, inner fabric on inner fabric. The zipper is open at least up to the middle!
 Sew around the width of your feet, being careful not to catch the zipper ends. Avoid the corners and leave an opening in the chuck.

All four corners are now placed on each other and sewn together as in the photo. It is best to fold the seam allowances away from the seam in the opposite direction, so that there is no thick knubbel.

 Then it's time to turn. Make a bag, close the opening and you have a new packaging for whatever.

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