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How to make Zippers Pencil Case. DIY Tutorial

 Original pencilcase of different colors zippers sewn together.Seven zippers as the seven rainbow colors!

 Color combination is completely wrong - nice is what pleases.
 The zippers are then stitched right to right at the edges together. The zippers should be at the same height. Should hustle.
 Then pull or iron the edges a little bit apart, measure out the resulting rectangle and cut a piece of fabric in size. I used a piece of old jeans. It is advisable to use a slightly stronger fabric or two layers, because then the bag is also a bit more stable behind.

The zipper rectangle is placed with Stylefix right to right on the back and once sewn around (dashed line). At least one of the zippers should be open halfway to later have a turning opening. Since the zips are fixed with Stylefix, all zippers can be pushed down a little, then they do not interfere with ring sewing around.

Thereafter, all protruding ends are cut off to the left and right (pink lines) and serged both layers around. Now is turned!

 And that's how the bag looks like in something. Nice colorful and tasty.
 Have fun!


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