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Travel Document Holder Tutorial

We sew a capacious holder-purse from one part / Travel Wallet Sewing Patterns
Travel Document Holder Tutorial

Today we will sew a new useful little thing for everyone who is going on vacation and not only! Holder for documents, purses, call and use it can be different. The Holder will be one-piece, that is, it will be necessary to cut only one part, not counting two fasteners, which will facilitate the work and allow everything to be done simply, quickly and accurately, as we all love. We will sew from a chic Korean felt with a thickness of 2 mm, decorate with a sublimation, button up the holster buttons, plus a zipper pocket.

Pattern is this:

A piece of felt for the main part - about 22-25 cm by 60 cm, in addition you need small pieces of felt of a different color for the hats. In order to make neat even holes under the holster buttons, any hand punch is suitable.
Work begins with the translation of the thermo-sticker.
Then we sew the zipper.

Then we lay the machine stitch and remove the temporary stitch.
Surplus zippers from the back side are cut and we melt the slices on fire.
Now turn the fasteners. We take the smaller of them, it will be attached to one of the inner pockets of the Holder.
Fix a strap stitching.
On the contrary, we place a longer, basic buckle and also sew it with a sewing machine.
Now bend, as shown in the photo, the edges of the Holder's piece and fix them in this position with two parallel seams.
We execute one more gate and lay two more seams, fixing folds.
Almost everything is ready, only need to install the buttons!

Sew the tag on the Holder and admire the result!

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