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Pentagon Box Bag Tutorial

This box is made of 12 pentagons. The edges are 3in long but you may take any other size, too.

Fist I cut 12 pentagons of the fleece in the exact size, that they shall shall have later. No sea allowens here. I made a template for the transfer of the pentagon to the fleece.
Place the fleece pieces on the wrong side of the fabric you want to have inside the box later and cut them with seem allowence.

I fixed the fleece on the sewing machine with big stiches on the fabric. So nothing will slide later when you turn it inside out.

Now place the fleece / fabric pieces right side to right side on the fabric. Again cut with seagull allowance.

 Now sew all 12 pieces close around the fleece together. Don't forget to leve a turning space open!
 Trimm all corners back so there will not be any claddering inside later.
 Now comes the tricky part: turn the pentagons inside out.
Use a stick to get the corners right. What out: don't take anything too pointed. You will poke holes in the fabric with it!
 After turning press all parts. Fold the open seem allowens right while doing this.This makes it easier to sew them together later. From here the rest is done by hand sewing.
 Now you should have 12 pentagons which get arranged like this later.
 Close the open turning slit wth small stitches.
 The thread that kept the fleece can now be taken off.
 Pull the thread from inside out once. This way you can get it out, too.
Who wants to quilt may do this now. I quilted the upper parts of the box more than the lower once, but I recomment to quilt all parts at least a little bit, so nothing will be sliding, if you need to wash the box later.
Now you have 12 Pieces you can also use as saucers...*g*
 This way the parts get arranged for the box.
At the left side are the pentagons for the lower part of the box, at the right side you see the quilted inside of the pentagons for the top part of the box.
With the bottom part of the box all 6 pentagons are sewn together (see the arrows). With the top part the middle pentagon is only sewn on at one side later. 4 sides stay open so you can open the box. I put the pieces right side on right side and sew them than. So will the swelling  that might happen get inside later.
 This is the lower part of the box. It looks like a bowl now. Who doesn't want to go on still, might stop here again *g*
 The  pentagon at the top right side will be in the middle of the top later and will become the lead. It will be sewn only to one side like I already said. 4 sides stay open, so you might open the box.
 The top part can be sewn togwther as a ring and than sewn to the lower part or you can sew them on single. I do them the single way. This works better with me.
The arrows show you which sides go together.
 Here ist the box body done except of the lead. Hast to be turned still. This shows the inner side still.
 After turning inside out you sew the lead on only at one edge.
 Shall be looking like this now.
 At the end you sew the buttons in the middle of the sideparts.
The loops at the lead are elestic hat-band. With a thick needle I pulled it close to the edge under the fabric. Right over the buttons I laid a loop and fixed the band at the end of the lead with knotts.
I am not totally pleased with this closing solution. May be you have a better idea?

If you make the box smaler and the batting thicker one button is enough for closing or even only a ribbon with a nice bead.
Realy brave once might sew a zipper in it. But I didn't dare to yet.
Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my instruction and have fun with the box.

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